Interoperability Steps

Using the Interoperability Bridge requires working in line with a series of specific steps.

What are the Steps?

Once you’ve gotten in touch with The Sandbox team and your project has been approved for development, we will help to make sure you are ready to follow the process from Planning, to Execution, Conversion, and then onto the final step, Deployment.

Planning Configurator

The Planning phase is all about analyzing the traits of original avatars and then mapping those traits to the targeted Avatar template. From that data, we are then able to define the minimum amount of unique models needed for each part or trait.

For example, for the 10k Board Ape Yacht Club avatars, there might be 30 variations of the mouth, 40 variations of clothing, and 20 types of eyes. Each remaining variable would be identified and added to the list, and once all the trait variables are mapped then the artists would need to manually create each piece, in this case approximately 800 models. While there is still manual work to do when creating the unique trait models, this is a lot less work than 10,000 unique avatar models.

Execution Phase

The Execution Phase is all about getting the manual work done. The artists create the models based on the plan given by the Planning Configurator, making sure each unique trait has a correlating voxel model.

This is done in VoxEdit using the Avatar template to create individual models for each of the Body Parts and accessories variations, such as glasses, hair, or mouth.

Conversion Tool

The Conversion tool is fully automated. This is where the models created by the artists are assembled into avatar parts as needed. These combinations can then be checked for quality and synergy - making sure the individual models work well together as a whole.

This is an iterative stage of the process, feedback can be given to the artists to adjust or fix any issues with the models. That feedback can be applied, models adjusted, and then combinations assessed until the results are approved.

Deployment Tool

Once you are happy with the conversion results, the final stage of this process is to use the Deployment Tool. This is a fully automated step that takes the final avatars and uploads them to The Sandbox Dashboard to be available in The Sandbox.

Once your data has been processed, your NFT collection is approved, and your models are ready, you can start sharing them with your community.

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