Minting NFTs

Once you have finished modelling your ASSETs you will be able to mint them.

Ready Check

Before you begin minting, make sure the following are checked first:

IMPORTANT: You must currently be a whitelisted creator to Mint ASSETS.

However, do note that in the future this function will be available to all creators.

  • You HAVE been approved and have access to mint ASSETs.

  • You are logged into your Sandbox account.

  • You are logged into your wallet, and it is connected to the Sandbox website.

  • Your browser is not blocking your wallet extension or pop up windows for the site.

  • You have all the Catalyst and Gems needed for the transaction.

  • You have enough ETH for the Gas fee.

  • All the ASSETs that you are going to mint have been approved and appear as ready to mint.

Minting Process:

Step 1: Log In

Go to The Sandbox Dashboard and make sure you are logged in and your wallet is connected.

You will need to make sure your connected wallet has enough Ethereum for the blockchain's gas fees.

Step 2: Open Your Inventory

Go to your profile by clicking 'Me' in the bottom left corner of the panel. Once loaded, click the Inventory tab.

Step 3: Filter Your Inventory

In your Inventory, click the drop-down in the top right corner next to 'Sort By' and select ‘Ready to Mint’ from the drop-down list.

Only Assets that have been submitted and approved by moderators will show up in your ‘Ready to Mint’ list.

Step 4: Select your ASSETs

Use the checkboxes on the left to select all the items that you are going to mint.

You will have to mint assets with attributes (Catalysts and Gems) in a separate group to assets with no attributes.

Step 5: Check Required Gems and Catalysts

You will need to have the correct total number of GEMs and CATALTSTs for the NFTs that you will be minting.

For example, if you have:

  • 1 Legendary NFT with 3 Power, and 1 Defence

  • 1 Epic NFT with 1 Power, 1 Defence, and 1 Magic

Then you will need to have:

  • 1 Legendary Catalyst and 1 Epic Catalyst

  • 4 Power, 2 Defence, and 1 Magic

Step 6: Purchase Gems and Catalysts

If you are missing the required Gems you will have a blue 'Purchase Gems' button appear in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard.

To proceed click 'Purchase Gems', and a pop-up will appear. This will automatically populate with the gems and catalysts you need based on the Assets you selected.

The total amount of $SAND you will need to acquire will be displayed on a button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Click the SAND button on the pop-up to continue.

You need SAND and Etherium to execute the transaction

Step 8: Verify and Check the Transaction

Your wallet should show a pop-up with the contract. You will need to confirm the action, which will cost gas depending on the Etherium gas price at the time of minting.

Once approved, you can check Etherscan to track the status and progress of the transaction.

Once the transaction is marked as complete, refresh the Dashboard and you will be able to check the Catalysts and Gems that have been added to your inventory by clicking the diamond next to your SAND balance.

Step 7: Ready to Mint

Now that you have the required Gems, when you select the ASSETs you want to mint the button in the bottom right corner that will say 'Mint' instead of 'Purchas Gems'.

Before clicking it, make sure that the exact quantities that you want to mint have been entered. Step.

Please note that it is not possible to change assets once they are minted. This is the nature of working on the blockchain in an immutable ecosystem. For that reason, it is critical that you are certain your ASSETs are ready for this step. Take the time to check, and check again that everything is in order.

8: Mint

Click on that 'Mint’ button to send the transaction.

Your wallet should show a pop-up window with the transaction description and Gas fee price. Check the information and confirm the transaction.

The Dashboard will show you a link to Etherscan where you can check the transaction progress.

If the transaction is successful, within some minutes you should be able to see your ASSETs in your Inventory’s 'Ready to sell' section.

If you visit Opensea your ASSETs should appear somewhere at the top of the list, although it may take a few minutes for them to fully update.

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