Gems & Catalysts

Gems and Catalysts affect the attributes of ASSETs and how they function in an experience.

As you design your Assets you may need to consider what Gems would be suitable to establish their rarity and attributes.

Here’s a quick guide to let you know how Gem choices impact your Assets in-game.

Currently only whitelisted creators can buy and assign gems and catalysts to ASSETs.

In the future, this function will be available to all creators.

What are gems?

Gems are an ERC-20 utility token that defines your asset’s attributes.

Each Gem of a particular type will increase the attributes as well as the underlying stats associated with those attributes. This has an impact on a variety of variables within the Behaviors and Components assigned to an asset.

There are 5 types of Gems; Speed, Defense, Power, Magic, and Luck. While you can create any combination of these you would like, you can only assign 4 Gems to each Asset.

Speed - A Speed gem will make your enemies, allies and animals faster when chasing or fleeing.

Defence - Defence gems can define the entity's health, or their ability to detect enemies.

Power - Power gems affect the damage an entity can do when attacking.

Magic - Magic gems define the range of a particular attribute as well as how many health points a Healer can restore.

Luck - Luck gems can determine how many items can be collected or dropped, as well as the detection range when an entity is looking for something, such as food, or items.

What are catalysts?

Catalysts are an ERC-20 utility tokens, which are burnt on usage, that define your asset’s tier and scarcity.

Catalysts add empty sockets to your NFTs that can be filled with gems, and the maximum number of gems you can attach to an ASSET is defined by the Catalyst attached to it. Essentially a Catalyst contains the Gems.

The number of sockets on a Catalyst also defines the Tier, or rarity of the Asset. The higher the quality of the catalyst the more sockets your asset will have.

Each tier of catalyst also defines the number of copies that can be created of that ASSET.

Common Tier Catalyst, 1 Gem, 1000 copies of the ASSET.

Rare Tier Catalyst, 2 Gems, 100 copies of the ASSET

Epic Tier Catalyst, 3 Gems, 10 copies of the ASSET.

Legendary Tier Catalyst, 4 Gems, 1 copy of the ASSET

Combining Gems & Catalysts

The amount and type of Gems also define the maximum value range of the asset’s attributes.

Each Gem adds to the maximum value of its associated attribute in increments of 25, and the final value range of the asset will be calculated from that range during minting.

Gems affect an attributes value range. ASSETs will be assigned a random value from the highest minimum and maximum value range of the ASSET during minting.

For example, adding a Power Gem to a Catalyst would increase the Assets Power in lots of 25. This would then set the value range used to calculate the attributes when the asset is minted.

1 Power Gem = Power value range 0-25

2 Power Gems = Power value range 26 - 50

3 Power Gems = Power value range 51 -75

4 Power Gems = Power value range 76 - 100

Depending on the number of sockets available on the Catalyst, you can assign Gems in whatever combination you would like.

If you had a Legendary Catalyst, you could add 4 Power Gems, which would give that ASSET the chance to Mint with Power between 76 - 100.

Or you could Have 2 Power Gems and 2 Defence Gems, which would give that asset the possibility of minting With Power between 26 - 50, and a Defence between 26 - 50.

Once minted, creators can use the final range between the minimum and maximum values to change how the ASSET functions in their experiences.

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