Asset Introduction

Assets provide functional and decorative content to experiences built in the Game Maker.

What are ASSETs?

The term 'ASSETs' refers to the voxel-based models in The Sandbox produced using The Sandbox's voxel design software, VoxEdit.

ASSETs provide content such as grass, birds, trees, swords, shields, monsters, and doors that can be used to build experiences in The Sandbox Metaverse and traded through the Marketplace.

Before you get started creating your ASSETs, you should ideally have at least a basic understanding of what voxel-based assets are, how they are created with VoxEdit, how to add them to the Marketplace, and how to use them in your Game Maker experience before beginning your asset production.

That way you can set clear goals and standards for the production you intend to achieve, as well as understand the options and limitations available during the production process.

This software is used to design and publish both static and animated NFTs, which can be used in your experiences on The Sandbox as well as sold on The Sandbox marketplace or in NFT drops.

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