Review Your Assets

Make sure the ASSETs for your experience are functioning as intended.

Why Review Your ASSETs?

ASSET reviews are the process of checking that your ASSETs are of high quality, meet all requirements, and don't have any buggy animations or issues.

Either as a team or if you are running solo, it is important to take the time to stress test your creations to make sure everything is functioning as intended.

Test your ASSETs in the Game Maker

It is important to verify that your ASSETs are working in the Game Maker. Even if an ASSET looks perfect in VoxEdit, it is best to make sure that every single ASSET fits with all the other elements of your experience. There could be a difference in scale or an animation might be misbehaving.

For this, you will need to upload them to the Marketplace from VoxEdit so they can be accessed in the Game Maker.

Here is an overview of the flow:

  1. You or your studio create the ASSETs using the VoxEdit software.

  2. When ready, within VoxEdit you upload the ASSETs using the Export To Marketplace option.

  3. Follow the on-screen steps given there. But do not click the "Send For Approval" button.

  4. Close the browser tab from there and launch Game Maker with the same account.

Exporting from VoxEdit to the Marketplace

To do this open your ASSET in VoxEdit and navigate to File > Export > Export to the Marketplace

This will open a new window on The Sandbox Dashboard where you will need to name and add some details about the ASSET but DO NOT CLICK on 'Send for Approval' just yet.

It is likely that this option is currently unavailable to you, as this depends on your level of access.

At this stage, your ASSETs don’t need to be minted to be used for your game development.

Only one account should be used for uploading your ASSETs to the Marketplace for testing so that you can use the exported ASSET in the Game Maker.

This should be the same account that you or your team uses to access the Game Maker to develop your experience with.

To Note:

  • With this workflow, your ASSETs will be uploaded and set as “Unpublished”. They will be private and you can use them for testing in the Game Maker.

  • You are able to save and play your created level, but in order for others to play it, the ASSETs will need to be published.

  • The ASSET is private to your account until it’s published to the marketplace, then any account can view the ASSET. If someone tries to open your level file with private ASSETs, they will most likely be able to play it, but the private ASSETs will not be visible.

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