Replacing & Deleting Assets

Use the steps below when fixing mistakes or pushing updates to your ASSETs.

Replacing Assets

The ASSETs in The Sandbox are tied to its ASSET ID from the Marketplace. Even if you re-upload the exact same file, it will have a new ID when uploaded. For this reason, you need to make sure you either Replace the Asset or upload a new one and ensure you delete the old version.

At the time of writing these steps are in relation to replacing 'unpublished ASSETS'. The steps for replacing and deleting minted ASSETs may vary significantly.

When you want to replace an ASSET you can follow the same steps you would take to export from VoxEdit (File > Export > Export to Marketplace) except when the Dashboard browser window pops up you can click 'REPLACE ASSET' instead of 'NEW ASSET'.

Once selected, this will bring you to a list of existing ASSETs to choose from.

Identify the ASSET you intend to replace, but don't click on the image, make sure to click on the circle next to the image so that a green tick displays next to it.

Once selected, scroll down the page and click 'Continue' to confirm the replacement.

Once confirmed you will need to update the 'Name' and 'Categories' information.

Your ASSET will now have been updated and replaced both in the Marketplace and in the Game Maker experiences you may have been using it.

Deleting assets

If you have ASSETs that are no longer needed or have errors then there are some simple steps you can follow to remove those ASSETs and clean up your inventory.

First of all, you, or your team member with access to the Game Maker and the Dashboard/ Marketplace, must remove the ASSET from the experience it was used in.

Once the ASSET has been removed from the experience then the ASSET is ready to be removed from the account inventory.

Open The Sandbox Dashboard and make sure you are logged in.

Navigate to the 'Me' section of the Dashboard by clicking the profile image in the bottom left corner of the page.

Open the 'Inventory', select the 'Assets' tab, and then use the 'sort by' drop down to filter for the appropriate ASSET type, in this case, we are focusing on 'Unpublished' ASSETs.

Select the ASSET you intend to delete and a page for that ASSET will load.

Click the three-dot near the ASSETs name to show a dropdown with the options to 'Edit Info' or 'Delete Asset'.

Double-check, then check again that you have the right

ASSET, and once confirmed, hit 'Delete Asset' and you are done!

Important Tips

  • If you need to delete an ASSET - do it in the Game Maker first, and then in the Marketplace/ Dashboard afterwards. If you delete the ASSET from the Marketplace first then you run the risk of negatively impacting or bugging out your experience.

  • If you have an experience published and an ASSET is deleted, the experience also will be negatively impacted or bugged.

  • This is another good reason to own the ASSETs you are using to build an experience. While you can test ASSETs from the Marketplace that are listed as free, those ASSETs could be removed and compromise the integrity of your experience. If the ASSET isn't in your wallet or 'owned' by your account then you are running a risk.

  • Our recommendation is to replace all custom ASSETs with an obviously incorrect model from the default items and make a list to replace them.

    For example, you could set all custom dinosaur ASSETs to cars ASSETs to know what is being replaced, then upload the correct files, replace them in the Game Maker, and play the level correctly.

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