Experiences & LAND

You have ownership of your experiences in The Sandbox and can monetise them as you see fit.

Methods of experience & LAND monetisation

There are several ways that you can monetise your experience and LAND in The Sandbox.

Be aware that The Sandbox is still in Alpha and while some of these options, such as land rental, are on our roadmap but may not yet active.


Players can be charged a fee in $SAND to access your experience.

Our recommendation is that if you choose to charge a fee to enter your experience, it would be a good idea to try to have at least one free experience too.

This will give players the opportunity to try out your creation and help them decide whether they want to part with their money to play your larger, paid experiences.

Renting LAND:

If you have some LAND you don't intend to build on, or aren't sure how to use, you can rent it out to other game designers and studios so that they can publish their experiences on it for the duration of their renting agreement.

  • You can earn income from fees for renting LAND, but this won't entitle you to a share of the profits from the experience your 'tenant' publishes on the LAND.

  • Remember to keep renting fees fair and balanced, depending on factors like size, proximity to major partners and so on. If a potential renter cannot make a profit as well then there is no incentive for them to rent your LAND from you.

Renting Ad Space:

It is possible to place billboards within your experience that can serve as advertisement placeholders.

Advertisers (for example, game development studios that are for hire) may be interested in getting their products or services advertised on popular experiences, which you could provide, charging them a fee to rent billboard space on your LAND to show their ads.

  • Be aware that your local jurisdiction may have advertising standard guidelines or rules that you may need to follow. It is your sole responsibility to research this.

Affiliate Linking & Self-Promotion:

If you are part of an official affiliate program, for example with Amazon or OpenSea, you could use your billboards on your LANDs to self-advertise. The same applies to any self-promotions, such as books you have written or songs you have released and so forth.


Owning LAND will allow you to stake $SAND tokens in the LAND to earn passive rewards, including rare and coveted GEMs and CATALYSTs.

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