Making Your Game Unique

Take the time to plan out your build and clearly define your design documents before construction.

The Game Maker software offers the opportunity to create a range of different types of Experiences depending on the outcomes you are looking to achieve, and with new features being released regularly, the variety of possibilities will continue to diversify.

At the time of writing, the tools in the Game Maker have proven ideal for creating RPG-type games, Action-Adventure, Social Hubs, and Galleries. While these types of Experiences have proven popular, and lend themselves to the current functionality of the tools, it's not impossible to create Experiences of other genres, so we encourage you to be creative and push the boundaries.

Whatever project you decide to work on, we recommend that you focus on narrative and aesthetics to first define the traversable space.

In your first stages, block out the Experience using just BLOCKS. We refer to this step as terraforming. This allows you to define the playable area and get a clear sense of spacing and areas of interest.

Next, start staging the environment. Establish the locations of key ASSETs and focus on creating an environment that encourages users to explore.

Once you have done the terraforming and added the required ASSETs, apply logic using Behaviours and Components to bring engagement and interactive dynamics to your Experience to guide your users.

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