Stages of Development

At every stage of your project you can share the journey so start marketing from the get go.

Share from the Get Go!

From thoughts on a page to publishing your Experience, each step of your project's development is worth sharing.

In fact, we encourage you to take your audience on a journey with you. Let the community know what you are building by making them a part of the process from the early stages to the final delivery.

In the following topics, we will step through some examples of marketing materials you can utilise at different stages of your project's development.

We will start at the beginning with Getting Started, cover what you can share During Development, plan out some content for when you are Getting Ready to Publish, and then lock down some key items you should have ready to go when you Launch Your Project.

As a quick overview, here are some materials we will be recommending you create and share:

  • Create a logo for your company and your experience.

  • Create a banner image.

  • Tell us more about you.

  • Share images of your Experience and ASSETs.

  • Share video of your Experience and ASSETs.

  • Create a Website or landing page.

  • Write copy describing your ASSETs and Expereince.

Each stage of your project will require different levels of detail and polish. Remember that this is an iterative process, don't try to get it perfect at every step of the project.

While it is important to do your best to create quality materials, and we absolutely recommend you take the time to put serious effort into creating high-quality materials, it is equally important that you are getting content out to your audience consistently, otherwise, you run the risk of making something excellent that not many people will know about.

As you move through the following topics, consider creating a schedule for yourself about when you'll share marketing materials and what you will share. If you have it written down as a plan you will be far more likely to deliver against those targets.

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