Video Content

Capture and share content of designing, building, and testing your ASSETs and Experience.

You have put in the effort to build a world and create stunning ASSETs, so don't let that quality get lost in translation with poor quality video.

Here are some standards and tips to make sure you are representing your work in a way that will best reflect the effort you have put in.

Technical Specifications

  • Record your ASSETs and Experiences using the highest possible resolution (unless it makes the game feels laggy.

  • Record in HD with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels.

  • If your system is up to the task, try to record at 60 frames per second (fps).

  • If your computer can't handle that then you can record at 30fps MINIMUM, but we highly recommend you find a way to record at 60 fps.

  • We recommend you use a 16:9 aspect ratio for your video.

  • At the beginning or end of the video, we suggest you use an intro and outro or at least add a 2-second screenshot with your logo.

Types of Video

Mixed Content

Share a montage of different formats to take your audience on a journey of all the aspects of your process with quick teasers of your activities across The Sandbox ecosystem.

In this kind of video you could show a clip of a speed build in VoxEdit, then a few quick shots of your ASSET in the Marketplace, give a behind the scenes look at how the ASSET is used in the Game Maker and then maybe complete the sneak peek with a quick look at the Experience with some Game Play.

These kinds of videos are quick and eyecatching, giving your community a chance to join you as you share some insights about how the project is coming together. Make it snappy and attention-grabbing!

Experience Teaser

Give your audience a glimpse of what they can expect when they get to visit your Experience.

Jump between footage from the build view of Game Maker to the Play view of Game Maker. This will showcase how you are creating the Experience as well as what it will look like in action!

Here is an example of an Experience teaser from the team at The Sandbox.

NFT Teasers

Create an ASSET focused video showcasing the NFTs you will be using in your Experience. This is a chance to give an up-close and personal look at entity or object sizes, shapes, textures, and animations.

Here is an example of The Sandbox Creator Fund's Halloween NFT Collection.

Keep it short and sweet, highlighting the best features of the asset.

Dev Diary or Walkthrough

Share a detailed in-depth video either live or pre-composed that guide your audience through your creative process.

Aim to make these videos at least 1min 30seconds to give context and clarity.

Take your audience on a journey with you as you outline some of the latest developments.

Share a demonstration of how and why elements work, not just what elements are.

Highlight anything that makes your Experience pop, focus on cool high-end results that give that WOW effect!

Here is an example of a dev diary from The Sandbox team.

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