This section of the Interface is where you can keep elements for quick and easy access.

The ToolBar contains 10 areas you can drag and drop a block or Object. These act as shortcuts to quickly and easily place content in your Experience.

Add a Shortcut

To add an element to the Toolbar simply open the Library and drag your selection from the Library and drop it in the prefered square on the Toolbar.

Dopping your selection on an existing shortcut will replace it with the new Element.

Use a Shortcut

To use a Shortcut Element, you can click on its thumbnail or you can use the correlating number keys (1 to 0) indicated in the top right corner of each thumbnail.

The white outline around the thumbnail in the Toolbar means it is selected.

Coloured outlines (grey, blue, purple, orange) doesn't mean it is selected. It is the Element rarity's display. This outline is replaced by the white one when the shortcut is selected.

Delete a Shortcut

To delete an object or Block from a shortcut either right-click on it and click Remove or left-click then drag and drop the selected element out of the Toolbar and anywhere else in the workspace.

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