Collecting objects to heal or damage

In this tutorial we will show you how to collect a coin to heal or damage the player.

  • Press 'L' to bring up the library and place and asset you want the player to collect. In this example we used a coin.

  • Add 'Collectable' component

  • Click 'Edit Logic' button on the right to bring up the extra settings.

  • Set 'Collect Message' to anything you like. In this example we used 'coin'

Now when the player runs into the coin it will collect it and send a message 'coin' out into the world. We need to now make something to receive this message and give the action we need. The 'Damage' or 'Healing'.

  • Add another copy of the coin and make it 'invisible' and give it a name that we can use to make it easy to look up. In this example we called this one 'Acoin invis' and the other coin 'Acoin'

  • Give the invisible coin the 'No collisions'

  • Add the 'Message Broadcaster' Behaviour and set Visible to False.

  • 'Message to Send' - Here is where you tell the collection to be Damage or Heal. Damage:10 or Heal:10 - case sensitive and no spaces. You can change the number as you need.

  • Set 'Wait Before Broadcast' to True

  • Set Message Required to 'coin' or whatever you used on the original coin.

  • Set Broadcast Only Once to True and its Delay to 1

Last thing we need to do is parent the invisible coin to the collectable coin. When the coin is collected it disappears and also taking the message broadcaster with it.

  • Click the 'Hierarchy' button in the bottom left corner.

  • Search for the name we used earlier. 'Acoin' will bring up both.

  • Parent the invisible coin to the collectable coin by clicking on the target symbol and dragging to the Acoin name plate.

Done! now you have a collectable coin that Damage or Heals the player.

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