A basic introduction to VoxEdit.

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What is VoxEdit?

VoxEdit is a voxel editing tool that is developed by The Sandbox. The purpose of the tool is to enable artists and creators to make voxel ASSETs that can be used in games in The Sandbox's metaverse, equipped by player avatars and sold in The Sandbox's marketplace.

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What can you do in VoxEdit?

You can make a variety of ASSETs, such as static decorations, intractable objects, non-player characters (NPCs), hostile enemies, avatar equipment and so on.

Creators can add animations and pre-defined behaviours to their ASSETs.

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Where can I download VoxEdit?

You can download VoxEdit from The Sandbox's official website.


Is VoxEdit compatible with other voxel art software?

You can import VOX to VoxEdit. And you can export to OBJ and MagicaVoxel models. However, it is unlikely that any third-party voxel art software will support importing VoxEdit animated VXR files at this time.

How big is 1 metre in VoxEdit?

1 metre (or 1 block) is the equivalent of 32x32x32 voxels.

How tall is a human character in VoxEdit?

A human NPC or avatar is 2 metres (or two blocks) tall. That means they are 64 voxels in height.

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