Dystopia is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this futuristic sci-fi experience that is exclusive to The Sandbox.

Dystopia is a science-fiction, futuristic game set in the post-apocalypse. The game takes place in a small town harbouring some of the few survivors.

About the game

Welcome to Dystopia. This is a land where humans, robots and cyborgs are working together to try and rebuild their small town of survivors. The world around has been devastated during a war which nearly extinguished all life. At the centre of the rebuilding town you’ll notice one of the last living trees in the world, which the inhabitants of the town will defend with their lives.

Most of the people that live in Dystopia are traders or vendors, so you’ll also notice the beautiful and colourful market around the tree and along the way to the newest part of the city.

At the end of the rebuilt city there's a big fancy tower that belongs to the CORP. A strange but also very high tech company that settled there after the war ended.

Game objectives

Many of the inhabitants have noticed strange things going on in their town and the surrounding land since the CORP turned up. It is up to you to discover what is really going on and to find the truth behind their operations.

Assist the inhabitants of the town to earn their trust and find out what the CORP is up to in order to free the people from this Dystopia.


Check out some of the ASSETs you may find in this word.

Check out some of the NPCs you may run into as well.

The Creator

Dystopia is being developed by Aope Butze, also known in the community by the name Not Animated.

Here's what he had to say:

It all started back at the end of the year 2019. Me, being eager to learn more about cryptocurrencies and the potential they could have in the gaming industry. As soon as I saw I could create my own assets and build my own worlds and even make a profit out of it, that was my go sign to give this a try.

I’m a 2D animator and always will be, but the fact that this was totally something I’ve never heard of and a possibility of being a step closer to “The Oasis” (from Ready Player One) I didn’t mind at all getting my hands dirty with some 3D stuff, specially with voxel art which I was going to give a try sooner or later. So this was the perfect excuse for a new challenge, and here is some of the work and process of this new exciting adventure!

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