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Monochrome: Wasteland

Monochrome: Wasteland is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this RPG dystopian game that is exclusive to The Sandbox.
Set in the dystopian world of Monochrome, Monochrome: Wasteland is an action-adventure RPG game. It comes from the creative minds of the team behind the multi-media Monochrome story, which already has its own prequel film, a film trilogy, a comic series and interactive art. And now, a game in The Sandbox metaverse.

About the game

The black and white, dystopian story of Monochrome transverses across various multimedia mediums including, four feature films, a spin-off comic series, interactive art and this game, which explore the world and it’s characters when they react to seeing colour for the first time as individuals society labels as “Hues“.
The world is desolate and has fallen apart due to years of devastating wars. Bands of people rule themselves as they see fit, sometimes attacking each other, as they try to figure out the origin of the Hues.

Meet Isaac Ward

The main character, Isaac Ward, has been travelling across this world in search for answers of his own. In his travels, he has encountered a group of Hues who are constantly struggling against the highly feared Hue Hunters.

The Hue Hunters

These hunters despise the Hues and will stop at nothing to round them all up. The hunters will then take the captures Hues to laboratories to be experimented on. Like most, but not all, of the world, the hunters believe that the Hues are infected and that their glowing state of colour is a symptom of the infection.

Game objective

Monochrome: Wasteland takes place over a year after The Chromism events unfolded - which was when the Hues first showed up.
The player takes on the role of Isaac Ward, the first person to turn “Hue", in a dystopian, black and white world. Help Isaac and the other outcasted Hues gather supplies, survive the ruthless hunters, and discover more of the growing mystery around the origin of the Hues.


Take a look at the Monochrome: Wasteland reveal announcement.
A gallery will be coming in the future. Watch this space!

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