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Sweet Village

Sweet Village is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this delicious experience that is exclusive to The Sandbox.
Somewhere in the metaverse, there is a town made of sweets and desserts. It sits upon a giant sponge cake, it has chocolate roads and a population just as sweet. But this colourful village has a big problem. A problem that only one person can solve.

About the game

This is Rex.
How did Rex get into this candy-fied world? Who knows? Maybe he ate too many and showed up here. Whatever the reason for his arrival, it appears that he is the only hope for the Sweet Village.
The village is under constant siege by the minions of Halloween Town. Their evil goal is to try and steal the Sweet Village's most precious item. The Star Candy.

Game objectives

There are two objectives to complete in this game:
  1. 1.
    Recover all of the Star Candy.
  2. 2.
    Find the hiding place of the pumpkins to end this threat forever.
Star Candies are hidden all around the city. The player will be required to use their jumping and navigational skills to reach them. When you find the Pumpkin Tunnel, the game becomes a cave exploration where you will encounter enemies that you’ll have to fight. And who knows what else is lurking in the shadows?


Sweet House
Rex Selfie
Gingerbread Man

The creator

Sweet Village is being developed by Benjiro. He is an illustrator, pixel artist, animator and a game designer. He has also worked on several video games.
“Hi, I'm Benji, an artist in general, I've worked from designing toys to clothes, but mainly in video games, several video games. I've been working on The Sandbox since it was a pixel art game; and this is my first opportunity to design a level inside it. I always liked the food stages in video games, these are a classic, and The Sandbox should have one too. That's how the idea of Sweet Village began; a colourful platform that will make you hungry.”
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