The Floating Castle

The Floating Castle is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this adventure-based combat game that is exclusive to The Sandbox.

Set in a castle in the sky, The Floating Castle is an adventure and combat game inspired by old "point and click"-type adventure games.

About the game

In The Floating Castle, an adventure combat game with a nod towards the point and click games of the past, the player will explore a vast 3D environment set in the clouds. There will be many places for the player to explore and many things to discover and interact with.

The player will take on the role of Garth. Garth is an ordinary guy, a traveller who was visiting the castle, which is situated in the Dream realm. Unfortunately, he has arrived just moments after the caste was attacked by an evil warlock, who then enchanted the castle to make it float in the clouds. Oops.

The player will experience a mixture of adventure, action and puzzles.

Game objectives

Garth must explore and traverse the extremely dangerous prison and underground systems to reach the castle. In doing so, they will reach other areas of the castle, such as the temple and the arena.

During the exploration, the player will run into many enemies that will need to be defeated. As well as a series of quests, which will grant the player access to other areas of the castle, including secret places. Beware of tougher enemies as you explore deeper and deeper.


Take a look at this teaser of the early stages of The Floating Castle.

Take a look at some of the ASSETs that will be found in this world.

Why not have a sneaky peek at some of the NPCs found in this game too?

Here are some peeks of the world being designed.

The creators

The Floating Castle is being developed by a duo who call themselves "Be In Dreams".

This is what they had to say:

Hello everyone, we are Be In Dreams, a team of two enthusiastic game players and now game developer. We always just “play games”, both for PC or console, as many other people, we just enjoy the amazing creations published by others, but now, thanks to Sandbox, we could pass on the other side of the screen and create our own game.

The Sandbox metaverse offers us the opportunity to put together all our experience as a players and be able to develop entertaining game experience. So now we can be players and creators at the same time.

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