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Viking Fjord

Viking Fjord is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this atmospheric and immersive diorama that is exclusive to The Sandbox.
Viking Fjord is a diorama that is being designed on The Sandbox by an artist called Alina. This world will plunge the player into a Viking atmosphere, which contains a variety of aesthetic mini-locations to discover and explore.

About the game

Viking history, stories and lore are quite popular. The Viking Fjord game in The Sandbox promises to plunge the player into an immersive and atmospheric Viking-themed world to explore in their own time.
The storyline in this world is tightly connected with exploring and interacting with the entire land and almost all of the ASSETs in the game, such as the objects, animals, plants, and so on. You will be able to meet and experience life in the Fjord.

Game objectives

In the process of exploring the territory, the player will find different Viking artefacts. These artefacts will need to be discovered in order to free yourself from the world of the Vikings. But let's be honest - who would want to leave this gorgeous world?
While exploring and discovering these artefacts, the player can encounter dangerous beings and treacherous events, so you’d better be attentive! This place isn't as safe as it seems.
We all love Vikings. As an ancient culture, based on equality and strength, the Viking Age isn’t just an expression of old civilizations, it’s so much more. It’s about joining the adventure, engaging in Viking values, and winning entry to Valhalla.


Take a look at these three teaser trainers for Viking Fjord.
Teaser Trailer 1
Teaser Trailer 2
Teaser Trailer 3
Want some more eye candy? So do we! Here are some images from the Viking Fjord game. Click them to zoom in.

Creating the world

Check out these images from the Game Maker, showing the world being built.
Creating The World 1
Creating The World 2
Creating The World 3

The World

Take a look at some cool images of this world.
Watery Grave


Take a look at some of the amazing ASSETs that that were used in this world.
*Insert Jaws theme tune here*

The Creator

Alina Siniakova, one of the artists working with The Sandbox's Creator Fund as a Cell Leader, is the creator behind Viking Fjord. She is a professional voxel artist from Ukraine who wants to implement her own ideas into interesting games within The Sandbox, which is why she joined the Game Maker Fund.
Here's what she had to say:
"Hello, I’m Alina, one of the cell-leaders of The Sandbox and just a voxel artist who wants to realize her ideas in interesting game projects. Although I’ve already created plenty of voxel models, this is my first serious experience as a creator and I’m looking forward to showing you some advances at Viking Fjord! An adventure full of Vikings, medieval experiences, and excitement that you will be happy to enjoy in The Sandbox metaverse."
Follow the creator:

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