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Games and experiences on LAND

Learn more about games and experiences that will be buildable on LANDs in The Sandbox's metaverse.

How do I make a game or experience on my LAND?

Please see this page:

Does the location of LAND benefit game designers in any way?

LANDs which are closer to major partners or social hubs will likely get higher traffic from gamers, which can potentially mean more income through monetisation. These highly-sought LANDs are marked as Premium LANDs on the map.

Will it cost anything to play games?

This is up to the game designer. There will be some free-to-play (F2P) games available in the metaverse. But there will also be some games that designers will charge you to play.
You can potentially earn $SAND through Play2Earn mechanisms on some F2P games and then use this $SAND to access paid games in the metaverse.

How much can I charge players to visit my game or experience?

This is up to you as the creator of the experience. However, you will need to remain competitive and charge a fair fee based on the content and quality of the experience. Otherwise, players will simply go elsewhere to play instead.
You can also choose to allow players to visit your experience or game for free. A good marketing strategy, if you own more than one LAND, is to offer at least one free game so that players can get an idea of the quality of the game and the experience they will be getting from it, to help them decide whether they want to play your other non-free game(s).

Can LAND owners implement Play2Earn mechanisms on the LAND?

This is a planned feature. We hope to implement some rewarding features that allow LAND owners to have Play2Earn mechanisms on their LAND.

How many players can be on one LAND at the same time?

This has not been 100% determined yet. But we would like for about 32 to 64 players to be able to play together inside a single session-based game.

Can I use one ASSET across several LANDs?

No. As a game creator, you would need to own one copy of the ASSET per LAND that you wish to use it in.

Is there a limit of how many game designers can collaborate and build on one LAND at a time?

This has not yet been specifically defined. We are currently benchmarking and will, in the future, know these kinds of limits based on performance.
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