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The LAND Sale Raffle (Polygon)

Information about The Sandbox's LAND Sale raffle on Polygon

Introducing: The LAND Sale Raffle

Kicking off on November 17th 2022, The Sandbox is introducing a raffle system to its official public LAND sales. Also from this date, all future LAND sales will take place on the Polygon network, instead of Ethereum.
The Sandbox's LAND Sale Raffle system is actually the brainchild of its community. We have been listening, collecting, and discussing feedback and suggestions that the community has been giving us in prior LAND sales. Working from the community feedback and suggestions, we created a better and fairer LAND sale system, incorporating several of the community's most popular ideas.
The LAND sales will take place on the land sale page of The Sandbox website, as well as the map page.
So, how does it work? Keep reading!

Eligibility to enter the LAND Sale Raffle

To be eligible to participate in the LAND Sale Raffle, the following conditions need to be met:
A flagged account is defined as a user who was detected to be engaging or attempting to engage in fraudulent activity within The Sandbox, or otherwise acting in a way that violates the Terms of Use that the user accepted prior to registration. Flagged users can still log into their account, but have restrictions.
A banned account is defined as a user who was detected to be engaging in such activity, but on a more serious scale, or repetitively. Banned users cannot log into their accounts.

Entering the LAND Sale Raffle

The number of whitelist spots available in a LAND Sale Raffle depends on how many LANDs are in that particular sale. For example, if there are 100 LANDs in a sale, then there will be 100 whitelist spots available in the raffle.
To enter into the raffle, each potential buyer needs to accumulate raffle tickets. The more tickets you have, the greater the chance of winning a LAND Sale entry raffle. Every one ticket equals one chance of winning the raffle.
Sign up for the LAND Sale Raffle
1 ticket
Reached Level 5 in Alpha Season 1
20 tickets
Reached Level 5 in Alpha Season 2
20 tickets
Reached Level 5 in Alpha Season 3
20 tickets
Take note that ticket award rules may differ from sale to sale. Users will be informed of the exact ticket award rules in the LAND Sale's respective Medium articles, email newsletters, and social media announcements. Refer to these resources for ticket reward information specific to those sales.
To give an example, some LAND Sales may grant additional tickets for holding specific avatars or NFTs.

Winning the LAND Sale Raffle

Each LAND sale will include two waves, therefore two raffles - one wave & raffle for regular LANDs, and another wave & raffle for premium LANDs. The Premium LAND wave will begin before the Regular LAND wave.
A regular LAND is 1,011 SAND.
A premium LAND is 4,683 SAND.
You will be able to register for the raffle of both the regular and premium LAND sales. If you win a whitelist to participate in the Premium LAND wave for the current sale, you will not be able to participate in the regular LAND wave of that current sale - and vice versa.
Raffle winners will receive a pop-up on The Sandbox website when logged into their account. They will also receive an email.

Purchasing LANDs

Raffle winners will see a button on the LAND Sale webpage that will allow them to purchase LAND. You will be able to see the type of LAND you can purchase depending on which raffle you won, before confirming the transaction in your cryptocurrency wallet.
You will then be given a randomly selected LAND, by a completely impartial randomisation system. Raffle winners will not be able to manually select a specific LAND location themselves.
As long as you win the raffle and claim your purchase within 24 hours, you are guaranteed a LAND to purchase. All remaining LANDs that are not purchased by raffle winners within 24 hours of their raffle win will then be sold via a public auction, where those who did not win the raffle will have an opportunity to purchase LAND.

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