What can I do with a LAND?

Owning LAND opens up a door of many possibilities for you. Find out what they are.

Owning a LAND is primarily an opportunity for creators to publish their metaverse experiences onto, and for users on The Sandbox platform to be able to access the metaverse using their avatars.

LANDs also present revenue-earning opportunities, such as allowing creators to monetise their metaverse experiences by gating them through NFT sales (such as early access passes, for example). This revenue can then be re-invested into the metaverse, for example to hire external studios to build more and better metaverse experiences.

Metaverse Experiences

Creators are now able to use Experience Publishing tools to create an Experience Page and connect an Experience to a LAND.

Some content made by the community is already playable on the map at their LAND locations.

Land owners can apply for early access to launch their Experiences.

Hosting Experiences

The primary function of LANDs in The Sandbox is to host metaverse experiences within them. These experiences could be games, dioramas, art galleries, interactive tours, educational lessons, and so on - the only real limit to the creative things you can host on a LAND is your imagination.

These experiences can be free to access. Or they could be gated by a fee in SAND, or gated by requiring the user to be holding a certain Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Visiting & Playing Experiences

Experiences that are published onto a LAND in The Sandbox metaverse can be visited by people from all walks of life. Gamers, explorers, art appreciators, students, and so on will be able to immerse themselves into the metaverse through its experiences.

While some of these experiences may be gated by an entry fee or an NFT holding requirement, there will also be plenty of free-to-play experiences, where SAND could potentially be earned via Play2Earn and used to access interesting fee-gated experiences.

Contests, Events & Giveaways

LANDs can also serve as a place where LAND Owners (or their partners) can host contests and giveaways. For example, there might be a time-trial contest hosted within a platformer game on the LAND, where the top three completion times may win some SAND.

Events can also be hosted on LANDs. Such as metaverse concerts, for example, which could possibly be gated by requiring the user to be holding a pass in the form of an NFT.


Renting out LANDs

LAND Owners will be able to choose to rent out their LANDs to other people. This allows for great experience designers to be able to host content in the metaverse even if they do not hold any LAND.


Create Experiences Together

Creators or LAND Owners will be able to collaborate with other creators to build a fantastic metaverse experience on the LAND. Creators can even offer their creative services to LAND Owners who are perhaps not too comfortable with designing a metaverse experience alone.

Our Discord Server has channels for seeking or offering creative services within the Metaverse. We also have the Creators For Hire and the Metaverse Agencies directories here in our knowledge base.

Passive Income

Staking Multipliers

LANDs that have been migrated to the Polygon network will act as multipliers in The Sandbox's staking program. The more LANDs you hold in the wallet that you are staking from, the higher your share of the staking pool will be.

Farming GEMs

GEMs and CATALYSTs are tokens which are very important and coveted by NFT designers at The Sandbox. GEMs are farmed by staking SAND onto LAND (this is an upcoming feature at the time of writing).

LAND Owners who are staking SAND onto their LAND will be able to sell these GEMs on the marketplace to NFT designers.

Renting Advertisement Space

LAND Owners who plan to publish an experience onto their LAND could also offer advertising space on their LANDs to third-parties or even for other LAND Owners who want people to visit their experiences. For example, by having the third-party's advert on a billboard that will be displayed on the LAND for a period of months for a certain fee paid to the LAND Owner.

Premium LANDs are potentially the best plots for this passive income method, as they will generally get more foot traffic than regular LANDs.

Holder Rewards

The Sandbox always rewards diamond hand holders (people who hold onto their tokens for a long time). There are potential rewards to long-term holders on occasion, which may include SAND, an NFT, extra tickets in raffles, and so on.

Note that the keyword here is "holders".


Voice of the Metaverse

LAND Owners will be able to get involved in the governance of The Sandbox metaverse through a DAO structure. Owning LAND and certain other tokens (ie, SAND) will give you a voice that can ultimately shape the evolution of The Sandbox metaverse.


Metaverse Estate Agent

Some LAND Owners may be interested in becoming a virtual metaverse estate agent (aka realtor). This would involve acquiring LANDs to re-sell at a later date.

Bragging Rights

Many community members have gotten images of their LANDs immortalised into wall art, upholstery, jewellery, clothing, and so on. The Sandbox has also seen many cases of these immortalisations being given as gifts to the family members and loved ones who own the LANDs.

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