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Partner With The Sandbox

Information on how to partner or collaborate with The Sandbox.
The Sandbox is open to receiving partnership proposals or proposals of other kinds of collaborations and mutually beneficial relationships.

Why partner with The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a pioneering blockchain game and ground-breaking metaverse that values user-generated content, provable ownership and community. The Sandbox connects people from all over the globe and provides a safe, fun and educational community and metaverse for them to engage and take part in - whether they are a gamer, designer, artist, crypto enthusiast, and so on.
The Sandbox has an exceptional team of international and diverse unique and amazing individuals situated all over the globe. Regardless of so-called "barriers", like international borders, here at The Sandbox we all work together to provide the best metaverse and community experience as possible.
From simple events to long-term relationships, The Sandbox is open to receiving mutually beneficial and rewarding partnership or collaboration proposals with genuine, experienced, provable, relationship-driven, and trustworthy businesses.

Proposing a partnership or collaboration

Please feel free to get in touch with The Sandbox through the email linked below. Your proposal will need to:
  • Be highly detailed.
  • Explain who you are and what you do.
  • Explain exactly what your proposal is and why it may benefit The Sandbox.
  • Tell us a bit about your team.
  • Provide links to any websites and relevant data.
  • Disclose whether you already have a vested interest or involvement in The Sandbox (such as owning LAND or holding SAND tokens).
Please note that it may take five or more working days to review your email and proposal. This can be affected by our team's workloads, timezones, other proposals sent in before yours, and team member's public holidays.
Please do not send more than one mail, as this could slow down the process.
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