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SAND Staking Program for LAND Owners (Polygon)

Information for LAND Owners about staking SAND on Polygon.

SAND Staking on Polygon for LAND Owners

A dedicated SAND staking program was released in the third quarter of 2022 for LAND Owners, so that they can enjoy their own dedicated rewards.

How much LAND Owners can stake

LAND Owners, as of February 2023, can stake 2,000 SAND per LAND they hold in the wallet that is connected to their account at The Sandbox. This means that the more LAND you hold, the more SAND you can stake. For example:
Number of LANDs held
Maximum SAND you can stake
If the amount of LAND you are holding changes, then your contribution to the pool will automatically update to reflect this.
For example, if you acquire an additional LAND, you will be able to stake a further 2,000 SAND into the staking pool if you wish.
And if you sell or move your LAND, your share of the pool will reduce if it is more than your currently-held number of LAND allows.
When this staking program first launched, users could stake 500 SAND per LAND that they hold. This was increased to 1,000 SAND. Then it was increased again to 2,000 SAND.
If you need a guide on how to stake SAND at The Sandbox, see:
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