Bridge SAND to Polygon

A step by step guide to bridging your SAND tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to Polygon's Layer 2.

Bridging SAND to mSAND

Step One

Head on over to the bridge page on The Sandbox, here:

Step Two

Press the Ethereum "Deposit" button. This will prompt a pop-up to appear on the right of the screen.

Step Three

Select the amount of SAND on the Ethereum network that you want to bridge to mSAND on the Polygon network. And then click "Start Deposit".

Step Four

Review the amount you wish to deposit and click "Confirm"

Step Five

When prompted, sign the transaction on your wallet.

Step Six

The transaction is being processed. This action can take around ten minutes depending on network congestion.

Step Seven

Your transaction is successful and your mSAND is successfully deposited in your wallet. You can view it on Polygonscan or via your "transaction history".

Video Guide

There is a video guide available too, if you prefer.

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