Modes & Tools

These are setting you can use to add, subtract, or make adjustments to your creations.



Tools change the shape of the way you modify voxels, and each tool works with every Mode.

Edit the object's origin, which acts as the centre of rotation for an object in the Animator and in the Game Maker.

A commonly used place to place the pivot is centred on the floor, but this will vary for different projects. You can use the Shift key + Left mouse button to drag the pivot in increments of 0.5 of a voxel.

You can also Right-click on the Pivot Tool icon, and choose to set the pivot to the floor or to the centre of the object.

It is important to set the pivot properly, so the assets behave the best way possible in the Game Maker. In most cases, the pivot point must be at the base of the asset and centred. This will allow the player to spawn the object directly over the ground when building a level.

For rigged assets, the pivot is the origin point of the scene where the 3 coloured axes meet.

Sometimes, other pivot positions are more interesting. For example, the pivot of a wall decoration (a frame, lamp) will be better at the base of the object.

This will allow your asset to be snapped against a block in the Game Maker.

If you wish for your asset to be easily attached to walls (art, decorations, lamps, and such), you should position the asset’s back on 0 coordinate of the blue axis.

Select a rectangular area to display media in the Game Maker.

The frame tool is used to designate an area to use with the Image display or the NFT image components in the game maker. These components will replace the texture of that area with the desired image or NFT.

This needs to be at least 2 voxels thick to work correctly with Components like NFT Display in the Game Maker.

At the moment, only some specific area sizes are safe to use with the frame tool (width x height):

  • Small: 15 x 25

  • Medium: 32 x 55

  • Large: 100 x 50

Areas different than these may cause the image to display with an offset in the Game Maker.

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