Unlock a Template

Learn all about unlocking templates

Here you will learn how to unlock your templates to allow adding additional nodes and models to the original template and add animations.

The only templates that should not be unlocked are ones classed as equipment, due to unlocking changing them to entity and not equipment making them not work as equipment within Sandbox Game Maker.

Open up any of the templates you wish to edit, whether that's Medium Human, mammal, bird etc. Make sure to give it an obvious name for your project.

Exit the project and on the animator tab select "Create New Asset" This is where your main work will be so give it a title like "final human".

Once the animator has opened go over to the Skeleton panel, select root node and in the menu choose "Import Hierarchy (VXR, VOX)" find the template you had already saved and then it'll appear with animations showing, and you'll be able to add additional parts to the skeleton and add additional animations or edit existing ones.

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