Installing VoxEdit

A short guide on how to install VoxEdit.

⬇️ Download VoxEdit

  1. Download VoxEdit here, or you can visit The Sandbox website and click the Create Tab on the left.

  2. Select "Download Voxedit".

  3. Choose Windows or Mac OS.

You must have a 64-bit system to use VoxEdit. It is also recommended to update your GPU drivers, especially if you have an AMD card.

🪟 Windows Version

Simply unzip the folder and place the program where you want it.

You can run the install.bat file to add an icon to the save files.

You will likely get warnings from Windows Security, to which you can click "More info" and "Run anyway".

🍎 Mac OS Version

Right-Click on the downloaded file, select "Open" and"Open" again. This should start the installation.

Apple has become stricter on third-party apps. You may need to open the security settings in system preferences and give permission for the program to run.

🧑‍💻 Support

If you're stuck at any point, visit the official The Sandbox Discord server, where we have a dedicated channel for helping with VoxEdit.

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