Welcome to The Sandbox's Security Academy

This academy will provide education to the users of The Sandbox to keep them safe on the blockchain and beyond.

The online world can be both a thrilling and a dangerous place to be. The internet provides us with endless means of education, entertainment, convenience, and more. But it also has a darker side - like everything else in life, it has its fair share of shady individuals and criminal activities.

The blockchain is no different to the internet. It can also provide the same things, and can also harbour the same dangers.

The Sandbox takes the security, privacy, and safety of its users very seriously. It is known, at the time of writing, to be the blockchain project which offers the most education in regard to security and safety on the blockchain, whether it be through our knowledge bases, community informational channels, funded experiences in the metaverse, and so on.

The Sandbox is stepping up its education on security by providing a dedicated Security Academy for its community. This Security Academy is an expansion of our Account And Wallet Security Guide from The Sandbox's main knowledge base.

Use the page list on the left to navigate to relevant pages or pages of interest (if you are on a mobile device, this list may be collapsed due to screen space - press the button that shows several straight lines in that case).

You can also use the search button in the top-right to search for keywords to find topics of interest or relevance.

Unless otherwise stated, none of the third-party links shared within this academy are officially endorsed by The Sandbox, nor is there any collaboration with the third-party in return for their links being shown. They are shared here purely for educational purposes to help you improve your security awareness.

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