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Block Editor

You can use VoxEdit to create and edit custom Blocks for the Game Maker and Marketplace

What is the Block Editor?

In The Sandbox the terrain is made with 1 metre blocks which are 32 by 32 by 32 pixels on each side. The Block Editor is for creating textures on these blocks and has a similar layout to the modeler.
Within the Block editor your object will always be a solid cube, you cant remove or create voxels, only colour them. This means we only have the pen, line, flood and picker tools, which only operate in paint mode
The max block resolution is the default 32 cubed voxel, like in the modeler you can also rotate or flip your designs. We also have the mirror feature that will mirror your design onto the faces. Just like in the modeler you can turn on grid view and reset the camera if needed

Block Side Panel

On the right-hand side, we have a Block sides panel. This shows you a flat view of each of the cubes 6 sides.
You can select them one at a time or flip and rotate that side only, although edges touching that face will be altered as well. PNGs can be exported and imported individually. This can be helpful if you want to reuse a face across multiple blocks, Like a common dirt texture with different kinds of grass and stones on top.
The material and pallet panels are exactly the same as the modeler. You can save the palette, load a pre-saved one or start a new palette.

Camera View

Over on our camera settings we can switch between perspective (default) and orthographic views, you can also select any side to view in flat 2D, this will stack with multiple copies so you can see how it would look within The Sandbox Game Maker.
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