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What is VoxEdit

VoxEdit is a powerful asset and animation creation tool for The Sandbox Metaverse.

What is VoxEdit?

VoxEdit is a 3D modelling and animation program designed for creating voxel-based assets for The Sandbox, a gaming platform where people can create, sell and buy game assets, develop and play games, and invest in the blockchain-powered metaverse.
VoxEdit is totally free to use and you can use it for any project you want, whether personal, educational, or commercial.
There are other voxel modelling programs, but what makes VoxEdit special is its ability to create rigs with multiple animations.

VoxEdit Overview

VoxEdit is divided into four key sections, the Modeler, Animator, Block Editor, and Templates, as well as offering News and Tutorials, which can all be accessed from the tabs along the left side of the home page.


The news tab has several links and can display an alert if a new update is ready to download.
Visit the Marketplace will take you to The Sandbox Marketplace, where you can purchase and sell assets.
Publishing to The Sandbox’s Marketplace is currently only open to the Sandbox Team and approved creators. This will be open to everyone in the future, so now is the perfect time to start creating so you can be ready for when those updates come.


This is where you can start building single voxel models that can be later used within larger compound entities and rigged up in the animator. You can create a new asset, open a file, import Vox. file, or select a recent file to open.


Next is the Animator, which allows you to rig up multiple models into Compound Assets, which can help improve the collisions and shape of an asset, and bring your creations to life using custom animations.
From this workspace, you can create a new asset, open a file, import VOX, or you can select from your recent files. Whether you are making something for The Sandbox Game Maker and Marketplace, or need to render with Blender or MagicaVoxel, VoxEdit models can be exported in multiple common formats.

Block Editor

The terrain in The Sandbox is made up of 1-metre cubes called Blocks, which are 32x32x32 voxels on each side. The Block Editor is a workspace for creating custom textures on those Blocks.


VoxEdit has a range of templates available built specifically to work in the Game Maker.
Clicking on a Template of your choosing will prompt you to create a new project, which will then use that file and its existing contents as a guide.
Template mode in the animator allows you to see the skeleton structure, play the animations and edit the models.
Templates don't let you add new bones, add new animations, or modify the existing ones.
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