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Sizing Guide


The Sandbox uses a scale of 1 metre = 32 voxels, which is the size of a terrain block.
It is important to note that there are no scale tools in VoxEdit or in the Game maker, so the dimensions of your Asset need to be specific to the purpose it is being created for.
Make sure to keep this in mind when creating your assets and its suggested to limit an asset to 512 Voxels for optimisation reasons.
You may choose to use your own dimensions and scale, but please be aware that the scale and dimensions mentioned above work best within The Sandbox, and will make sure your Assets have greater consistency and use cases for other builders.

Scale Example: Columns

Because you can't resize an object in the Game Maker, understanding the scale is critical when creating Assets that need to 'fit' with the placement of Blocks. Columns, for example, will be more effective if they have a 1x1 meter base (32x32 voxels) and a height of at least 4 blocks (128 Voxels). Creating your Assets this way will mean they seemlesley fit in with the terrain of an experience.
Add the dimensions of your asset, like “height 4”, “height 5” or “height 6”, to its name so people can tell how tall (in blocks) your column is.

Scale Example: Windows

This same awareness should be used when creating Assets that need to 'fit' in with the terrain. Windows, for example, should fit in gaps that blocks leave. This means that their dimensions need to be multiples of 32. E.g: 64x96, 128x128, etc.
The pivot must be placed at the base in a way that allows the window to snap into its intended position in the gap.


The average size for a standard building should be a maximum of 8x8 blocks (256x256 Voxels) Each floor of a building should be a height of 4 blocks (128 Voxels) so that a standard Avatar will be able to move through the space without issue. An average guide for towers would be to adhere to a maximum of 16 blocks (512voxels) with a base footprint of 8x8 and a minimum of 12 blocks tall (384 voxels).
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