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Modeler Menus

Menus give access to a range of tools and options you can use to modify your scene.
Modeler Mode in VoxEdit comes with specific menus and toolbars to help easily change the parameters of your scene, such as adjusting the size of the object volume in the workspace or changing the way voxels display in the workspace.
The menus are broken up into three distinct areas. The Dropdown Menu which you can find at the very top of the screen, the Workspace Toolbar, which you can find running along the top of the Workspace, and the Mode and Tools Toolbar, which can be found to the left of the screen, and will be covered in the next topic - Modes & Tools.
The Dropdown menu is broken up into File, Edit, Help, and Feedback.
File gives access so you can adjust your project Preferences. This is where you can see the keyboard Shortcuts and set your prefered Colour Theme. You can choose from a variety of themes like a dark theme, blue theme or light theme. The File menu also has a shortcut called Open Asset Folder which will open a new window of the folder containing the current asset for your project.
You can also use Save, Save As, and Export, with the Export option offering various formats such as OBJ and VOX, as well as the option to Export to Marketplace.
Edit allows you to undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all, deselect all, and save selected voxels.
Help takes you directly to the VoxEdit Guidelines, which includes some of the more detailed parameters for each kind of entity you can create.
Feedback opens a form to submit feedback to the team about bugs, comments, or ideas to improve the software.

Workspace Toolbar

An increase and reduction in resolution will double or halve the current size of the object. Voxels will always maintain the same 32 to 1-metre scale in the Game Maker so doubling the detail will also double the size. Reduce is a destructive operation, so any detail too small will be erased. This can be recovered by undoing the operation.
Next to it, we have the trim tool, this should be used at the end of the creation to wrap the bounding volume as tightly as possible around the object.
The next set of buttons rotates and flips the object. There are also mirroring features for symmetrical sculpting. Each axis is coloured coded, Red is X, Green is Y and Blue is Z. Every button related to the axis matches this scheme. Lines are drawn in colour along the volume itself.
The last 5 buttons at the top control how you will see your model, with buttons to view the edges of your object and voxel grid and the target button will reset your camera view to the default position.
The six coloured arrows in the top right of the workspace are scroll buttons, which will shift your whole model in the selected direction. Voxels that reach the end of the volume will loop back to the other side.
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