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You can use VoxEdit to create and edit Assets for the Game Maker and Marketplace.

Modeler Basics

Once you have created a new file, we are greeted with an empty space, which can be referred to as an empty object volume. This is where you will create your model. The default is one cubic metre in The Sandbox Game Maker scale or 32x32x32 voxels.
From the menu, at the top, we can change the size of each dimension between 1 and 256. The Game Maker uses these volumes as bounding boxes. It is important to fit them tightly to your finished object using the trim button. Imagine the object you are creating is sitting inside an invisible box that touches the outermost points around that object.
These "Bounding Boxes" are your collisions. You can use the Animator to Rig separate models together to make assets easier to interact within Game Maker since each model will have its own tighter collisions. More on collisions here


In both the Modeler and the Animator, the front of the asset must be facing in the same direction as the white arrow shown on the ground.
The front of the object must correspond to the orientation of the positive Z-axis.


The pen tool is selected by default with create mode active. Left-clicking or dragging anywhere in the object volume will place voxels with the selected palette swatch.
Voxels are linked to their swatch so modifying the colour in the material panel will automatically update the voxels.
The other three modes are:
  • Select: highlights the voxels you choose so you can move, copy or delete them.
  • Paint: recolours voxels that have already been placed with your chosen colour.
  • Erase: removes and deletes voxels.

What can you do?

The Modeler is for creating simple models or sections of models that can be combined with others in a larger project in the Animator.
You can create things like a simple book, mug, bookcase. These are what we call simple entities, They are made up of just one model with no animations and are not rigged together in the Animator. This is the main use for the modeler, to create single models that can be exported to the marketplace to be used in the Game Maker as is, or to add them to a larger model in the Animator. More on that in the Animator topics.

Simple Entities

Simple entity made in modeler compared to compound entity made in the animator
The first image can all be made within the modeler, its a good place to create something easy and simple with minimal collisions that aligns to the voxel grid. Remember the area or volume you work in within the Modeler places that object in an invisible box.
The second image is taking that simple entity that has been made and adding additional models to it. Some of the models themselves are made with just the modeler, others have been put together like the octopus and the toy in the box. Once you start rigging or putting together your models in the Animator this makes them compound entities. Notice these added models do not align with the grid you see in the Modeler, which makes them appear more naturally placed and designed. See the Animator topics to learn how.
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