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What is an Avatar?

All the needed information about the Avatar are here.
The Avatar is what the Player will be controlling when playing your game. To set the Avatar and change the settings you will need to click the 'Global Parameters' button in the top bar.
The definition of the Avatar is accessible through the Global Parameters. In this window, you'll be able to set up many more parameters, such as the Camera, the Avatar values, the Avatar asset, the Ambience, etc.
Under the settings 'Select your avatar' are two options.

Player's Avatar

The player will use the Avatar they selected on the Sandbox Dashboard.
This Avatar is the one the player has selected on the dashboard using either the mix and match free avatar, an NFT premium avatar, or NFT bridge avatar.
This option will allow games to be compatible with seasonal metaverse rewards because the base asset is a level playing field. All stats are the same for players until they equip items.
Unique, full-bodied Avatars with Gems attached to them do not exist. No avatars have Gems, only base stats.

Custom Avatar

You can choose what the player will look like in your game.
A game creator can pick literally any asset. From a basic pebble to a Legendary Atari Giant Centipede. Stats will default to their maximum but they can be adjusted with sliders to be lower for specific uses.
A game jam participant 'disabled' jumping by moving the jump power slider to zero.
Any player who joins a custom avatar game will play as that specific model no matter what they set their dashboard avatar to be.
They will also not receive the benefits of season XP which are tied to using the dashboard avatar system.

Changing the Avatar Settings

To change the type of Avatar used, navigate to Global Parameters then click the Avatar tab. On this page click the drop-down next to 'Select Your Avatar' and choose the option that suits your needs.
If you choose 'Custom Avatar' you adjust the Avatars Health and Death settings by clicking on the 'Controller' tab and selecting the 'Components' tab.
Here you can set a Respawn Tag for Respawn Points or Damage/Death from blocks.
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