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What is the Game Maker?

The program you use to build and then publish experiences within The Sandbox Metaverse.

The Sandbox

If you don’t already know what The Sandbox is, let’s get you up to speed before jumping into covering the Game Maker!
The Sandbox is a dynamic virtual world that brings players and creators together to build, own, and monetize unique experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.
It’s a platform that gives you access to a multitude of games, environments, hubs, and interactions - all of which you can engage with using your very own avatar (playable character).
These experiences open up possibilities to explore, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, complete quests, and ultimately share those experiences with a thriving community.

The Game Maker

The Game Maker is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows you to design, test, and share experiences, such as games, within The Sandbox's metaverse, whether you are an experienced game designer or not.
The Game Maker is your portal to express your creativity, connect with communities, and ultimately take part in contributing to how The Sandbox Metaverse is built 🏗️
🖥️ Put simply, the Game Maker is an easy-to-use program that allows you to build experiences. It provides a drag-and-drop interface, giving you the power to place different elements and objects into an environment, define how elements interact using inbuilt behaviors and mechanics, and then share your creations 📢within The Sandbox's metaverse, all with no coding required!
Using the Game Maker allows you to edit terrain, place characters, display items, organize buildings, and curate epic quests, all from a vast library of professional and community-developed resources.
🛹 Haven’t designed a game before? No worries! The Sandbox Game Maker has been developed to give anyone the opportunity to create something unique. So don’t let that stop you from taking your first steps into an exciting new world of creativity and potential.
👩‍🚀 Already a pro game designer? Well, that's perfect too! You’ll soon find you are surrounded by like-minded creators eager to push the boundaries of their imaginations using these tools. So get ready to flex your creative muscles and share your creations.
'But what exactly can you create?' 🤔 You might be thinking. Well for some examples of just what you can get stuck into let’s head to the next section to get some ideas!
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