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How to Place Blocks

Use Blocks to change the layout, dimensions, and environment of your land.

Selecting Blocks

Press the L key to open the Library and choose the blocks you want to use.
Drag your chosen Blocks to the Toolbar for ease of access when building.
If you want more blocks to choose from, create custom blocks using VoxEdit or visit the Marketplace.

Placing Blocks

To place one of the chosen Blocks, click on it in the Toolbar.
When a Block is selected from either the Toolbar or the Library, your cursor will switch to Brush Mode
and display additional brush options in the top right corner of the screen.
By default, the Brush will be set to Free Mode this will allow you to place your chosen block as a single cube.
While there are multiple Brush types, in this section, we will cover the controls for placing blocks using the keyboard and mouse. These controls apply to each of the Brush types.
Head to Using the Brush Tools to learn more about the different Brush types.

Place Blocks

Select a Block and left-click to place a Block.
To place blocks over a larger area hold left-click and drag.

Remove Blocks

To remove a block right-click on the Block you want to remove. You can remove large areas of blocks by holding shift and the right-mouse button and dragging the mouse. Once you release the mouse button the selected area will be deleted.

Replace Blocks

You can replace a Block by hovering the cursor above, next to, or below the block you want to replace, then holding CTRL and the left-mouse-button.
The position of the cursor determines which Block will be replaced.
When working with a flat surface the connected face will be replaced.
Replacing a Block this way replaces the whole block, not just the face of the block.
The block closest to the cursor will be the Block that gets replaced. This is important to know when more than one face is in contact with the highlighted area around the cursor.
This will work when clicking and dragging as well, as long as CTRL remains held down. This means you can replace large areas of blocks quickly and easily.

Place Blocks Vertically

To place vertically first click and hold the left mouse button, then hold down the SHIFT key and drag the mouse upward.
This won't work if you press Shift first. Always Ctrl > Left Click > Shift> Drag.
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