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How to use the camera controls to zoom the camera.
Zoom allows you to move closer to or further away from the direction your camera is facing.
This can get you up close to make sure an asset or landscape is looking exactly the way you want it to, or it can be used to get a big-picture perspective of your entire experience.

🖱️ Using the Mouse

To zoom In and Out while in edit mode, you can use the Scroll Wheel.
Scrolling forward will move you towards the field of view while scrolling backward will move you away from the field of view.
Zooming using the scroll wheel will move you towards or away from the position of your cursor.

⌨️ Using the Keyboard

You can also Zoom using the keyboard by holding down either W or S.
W will move you smoothly towards the field of view, while S will move you away from your field of view.
Using the keyboard to zoom will keep you centered on your current focal point.
Last modified 2yr ago