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Player's Avatar

All the needed information about the User Avatar are here.


The Player's Avatar is the Avatar that is defined, customized and linked by/to each Player: it has its own look, its own level & progression, and also its own gear.


Experiences with Player's Avatar enabled will have many very different Players, with different levels, progressions and gears. In this case, it is not possible to define the Avatar parameters, which are directly driven by the Player's Avatar Attributes.
However, Components still can be added/edited, and the Camera can also be changed. All these tweaks can be done in the Global Parameters window.
🧿 Note: the Maximum Health (in Controller > Components > Life System) is also locked as it is a core-gameplay linked value.
✨ Tip: Place your mouse on a Parameter name to have a tooltip describing what it does!
Last modified 2yr ago