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Camera Controls Overview

Camera controls are what you use to navigate your land while editing your experience.
In this section of the Game Maker Academy, we will be covering some core movements you will need to understand in order to navigate the Game Maker.
Movement in the Game Maker is from the first-person perspective. During these guides, we will often refer to the movement of that perspective as moving the 'camera' 🎥.
If this is your first time working in an environment like this then take some time to get acquainted with the controls. If you have used this kind of tool before, or you are familiar with gaming controls, you are likely to find that these steps are quite intuitive.

🌌 3D Space

Using the Game Maker allows you to create your own worlds in a three-dimensional (3D) environment.
This means that in order to make the most of the tools, you will need to be able to move freely through that environment, changing your perspective and proximity so that you can edit different areas.
Working in a 3D environment means that you are able to move through and view your world on an X, Y, and Z-axis.
You can think of this as is moving or looking left, right, up, down, and traveling backward, and forward.

🖱️ + ⌨️ The Controls:

To get started building the experience you will need to get used to a few controls.
Panning: Moving from side to side.
Zooming: Moving closer to and further away from a point.
Rotation: Looking from side to side from your current position.
Shift Modifier: Boost the movement speed of the camera.
Orbiting: Moving around a central point.
and Targeting: Setting your pivot point to a particular object.
For a detailed breakdown of each of these movements, expand the Camera Controls menu for pages covering each set of controls.
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