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How to Set Behaviours

Apply Behaviours to your in scene objects to change how they interact in your experience.
Experiences in The Sandbox are much more than static blocks and voxel models.
Every asset can be brought to life using Behaviours and Components that change the way objects function, and dramatically change the way users can interact with your experiences.
Many assets have a default Behaviours set when they are added to the marketplace. But every single instance of an object in your experience can be altered and customized by setting it with different Behaviours.
To add a Behavior first click the object you wish to edit. This will bring up the Properties Panel on the right side of the screen.
Click any object to open the Properties Panel.
Once open you can scroll down to just below the section on Attributes, where you will see the Behaviour tab. Now click on the box with the light purple pencil and paper.
The Behaviour tab is in the Properties Panel.
A window named Select Behaviour will pop up giving you options to choose the Behaviour you want. In this example, we’ll choose the Soldier Behaviour.
Once chosen, the Select Behaviour window will close and you will see that the chosen behaviour will now appear in the Properties Panel along with its default settings.
Behaviours are added to the Properties Panel.
In this instance, the Behaviour not only presets the Patrol Zone of the entity but also establishes the Walk Speed, Run Speed, Attack Damage and Attack Speed. What's more, is that it automatically adds a Health Component to the targeted Object as well.
Edit the Behaviour, Components, and Tags from the Properties Panel.
You can also see that choosing this behaviour automatically populates the Tags section of the Properties Panel. These tags will, in turn, make the object interact with other Behaviours in specific ways.
Clicking the Edit Logic button will expand the Behaviour and Components with more controls to fine-tune how your entity works in the game. You can see here, that the Soldier Behaviour will, by default, Attack other objects with the Hostile Tag.
Use Edit Logic to refine the Behaviour perameters.
No matter what behaviour is selected, multiple components can be added to the entity.
These can grant enhancements like health, add extra game logic, such as victory or defeat events, or improved player interaction with sound and special effects.
You can duplicate a customised Object, without changing all the properties, by pressing Ctrl or Command +D.
We can't wait to see what you create and how you implement these base Behaviours. To learn more about each one you can jump to the following pages, where we will cover each Behaviour and its application.
Remember to show us how you're using Behaviours by recording and sharing the video to our discord channel!
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