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You can find all the needed information about Quests here.


Quests are crucial elements in video games (such as real life). They are the Player's objective, what they need to achieve to complete a Level or a entire Game.
There, you will be able to easily and quickly create different Quests to give more interest and challenge to your game. This is the very beginning of the Player's fun and challenge feelings!


Before starting to describe each field, you need to know how Quests are managed inside this category:
Quests are arranged by "Cards", which means they are separated and each can be collapsed (
) and uncollapsed (
) to easily edit them.
When collapsed, you can quickly delete each one with the Bin (
) button, and rename them by clicking on their name.
When uncollapsed, you have access to all their parameters.
Note: future version of the Quests manager will provide the possibility to drag & drop each one to sort them as you want.



Choose a Name for your Quest! There is always a name by default, but choose one that is singular, short, and represents your Quest content.
The Name is displayed on Players screen once the Quest is started. It is also used in Behaviours/Components Quests fields for Creators, as sometimes you need to link a Quest to specific Parameters, such as the Indicator Component.


Choose a Description for your Quest! Write a little phrase to describe what the Player needs to do.
This way, when the Quest is started, the Description will be displayed right below the Quest Name. Players won't be lost, and they will directly understand what they need to do!
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