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Find out more about the charity work and contributions by The Sandbox.

The Sandbox has made several contributions to various charities across the world. This includes global conservation efforts, as well as supporting our fellow human beings during a humanitarian crisis. Below, we list some of the contributions that The Sandbox has made to charitable causes worldwide.

Our goal is to support projects ranging from inclusion and diversity to sports, ecology, health and much more through direct funding and synergies with existing Sandbox experiences in order to raise awareness on these issues and at the same time provide direct support to charities.

How can the metaverse make the world better?

“In a fragmented world defined by tribalism, geo-political tensions and distrust, the metaverse — an open virtual world where users interact as avatars — can play an important role in bringing diverse groups together across disciplines, borders and boundaries.”

The following six principles must be foundational in a new, more inclusive and more just digital society.






Opportunities for all

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French Red Cross

Dance Fight

The French Red Cross Event from December 2023 to January 2024 included three Experiences.

Players discovered the missions of the French Red Cross and learned the role of a volunteer firsthand, helping the most deprived people during winter and helping after a natural disaster.

  • NFT Proceeds

  • Direct donation

Player Rewards

  • Provided by The Sandbox to promote education about the French Red Cross


🌍 Conservation

Nori: Golden Tree Auction

The Sandbox auctioned a unique, one-of-a-kind NFT called “Nori: Golden Tree”. 100% of the proceeds from this auction were donated to Nori, which go towards carbon removal projects in an effort to reverse climate change.

Nori: Ode To Earth NFT

Another NFT, called Nori: Ode to Earth, which has a scarcity of 100 copies, was also sold via The Sandbox’s own marketplace. The proceeds from these sales also go towards Nori’s carbon removal projects to reverse climate change.

Carbon Emission Reversal Through Nori & Offsetra

Through its partnerships with Nori and Offsetra, The Sandbox is doing its part to reverse its carbon emissions by acquiring carbon credits and purchasing nature-based carbon offsets.

Virunga National Park CyberKongz Auction

The Sandbox purchased the Cyberkong #201 NFT, otherwise known as Skelly, in an auction, for 185 ETH (approximately $800,000 USD at the time). The proceeds from this auction went to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park, which is the African continent’s oldest national park and most biologically diverse protected area.

Reforestation Through WeForest

The Sandbox is supporting reforestation and forest protection efforts through a partnership with a charity called WeForest. The Sandbox's efforts include reversing deforestation in the Amazon, protecting essential mangroves in Madagascar, and reversing land degradation in Ethiopia through forest restoration.

As of February 2024, The Sandbox has grown an estimated 117,870 trees and counting.

Conservation: Read More

Read more about how The Sandbox is going green and supporting conservation efforts across the globe: The Sandbox Gets Greener | Medium Article

🤝 Humanitarian


The Sandbox auctioned a unique 12x12 ESTATE on OpenSea in December 2020. This was the first ever charity auction at The Sandbox. 100% of the proceeds from this auction were donated to UNICEF’s crypto fund, which benefits children and young people all over the world.

World Of Women Grant

The Sandbox has partnered with World of Women, which is a culture shaping NFT community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities. The Sandbox has given them a $25million grant to develop the World Of Women Foundation, to bring more women and diversity to the metaverse and NFT spaces, through avatar collections, a museum, a university, and an academy.

🇺🇦 Humanitarian (Ukraine)

Wave With Ukraine NFT Sale

The Sandbox, in collaboration with MAUER, launched the sale of 10,000 animated Ukrainian flag NFTs, sold at $100 USD in crypto or fiat. All of the proceeds from the sale go to charities that are vetted by MAUER’s Ukrainian employees, to ensure that the donations make a maximum impact. On top of that, The Sandbox will also match every sale.

“Ukraine 24.02.2022” NFT Sale

Union for Peace NFT Auction

Ambulances & Medical Supplies for Ukraine

The Sandbox donated €100,000 EUR to purchase two emergency ambulances for the people of Ukraine, as well as €40,000 EUR of medical supplies and equipment for Ukrainian civilian hospitals and emergency paramedics, through Zeilen van Vrijheid - a charity based in the Netherlands. These resources will help the Ukrainian war victims to quickly get the medical help that they need. The ambulances and much of the medical equipment will also continue to save the lives of many Ukrainian people long after the war is over.

100,000 SAND donation to UNICEF

The Sandbox donated 100,000 SAND, which was valued at ~$300,000 USD at the time, to UNICEF’s emergency fund in response to the conflict crisis in Ukraine.

This donation enabled UNICEF to provide many different forms of aid to Ukrainians, especially children. Such as providing access to clean water or liquefied chlorine for water purification, the delivery of medical supplies to hospitals for pregnant women and newborn babies, school supplies and winter clothing for children, providing education for displaced children, fighting against gender-based violence and child abuse, emergency procedures to rescue and provide fostering & safe housing for displaced or orphaned children, and so on.

Ukrainian Humanitarianism: Read More

Read more about these and other contributions to the people of Ukraine here: How The Sandbox Supports Ukraine | Medium Article

The Sandbox will be making more charitable contributions and efforts in the future.

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