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Blockchain technology redefines ownership and empowers anyone to participate in the Sandbox Ecosystem, including governance, with SAND.


Learn about The Sandbox Game's main utility token and medium of exchange
Learn how SAND is used in The Sandbox Game's digital economy
Guidance for buying, selling, and swapping SAND
Learn ways to get SAND from Play&Earn, creative contests, and professional work
Information about claiming rewards earned from Seasons, Events, and Contests in The Sandbox
Earn passive rewards by staking your SAND in our main program or our dedicated LAND Owners staking program
Benefits and steps to using The Sandbox Bridge to shift your SAND to Polygon (L2)
Steps to using The Sandbox Bridge to shift your SAND to Ethereum (L1)

What is SAND?

About SAND
About ERC-20 Tokens
Ethereum Blockchain
ERC-20 Token
  • Main utility token in The Sandbox
  • Medium of exchange
  • Required to participate in governance of The Sandbox metaverse
  • Maximum Supply: 3 billion
Polygon Blockchain
SAND is The Sandbox Game's native currency and utility token. It is a fungible token, meaning it can be exchanged for other tokens of the same type like other cryptocurrencies and fiat (physical) currencies.
The SAND token is a medium of exchange that allows for a digital economy to exist in The Sandbox ecosystem for the benefit of creators, players, and owners of various non-fungible token types (NFTs) made for use in The Sandbox.
An NFT is a unique type of token that can not be replaced or exchanged for an equivalent token. It's rarity and utility determine its value. The Sandbox NFTs that can be bought, sold, or traded include virtual LANDs, entities to create Experiences, player equipment, player avatars, and more.
Key Attributes of the ERC-20 token standard includes:
  • interchangeability with equivalent tokens
  • standardisation for compatibility across various applications, wallets, and exchanges
  • divisibility for granular transactions and flexible use cases
  • functions for transfers and approval
  • total supply and balances tracking

How is SAND Used in The Sandbox?

Own & Govern
Foundation & Staking
By owning SAND,
  • PLAYERS can purchase avatars and equipment and gain access to Experiences that may require a small SAND fee or ownership of a specific NFT.
  • CREATORS can sell valuable Assets on the Marketplace or accelerate their Experience production timeline by purchasing assets from others.
  • ANYONE can participate in governance of The Sandbox metaverse or participate in a staking program for passive income (if no local restrictions apply).
Learn more about SAND:


Play & Earn (P&E)

Earn Ethos Points (EP) in some Experiences, making you eligible to earn SAND via contests and raffles to claim it.


Participate in contests hosted on a LAND to earn SAND prizes, such as a parkour race for the fastest time.


Monetise Your Assets

Sell voxel art on The Sandbox Marketplace using SAND as a medium of exchange. Apply a Catalyst to increase Rarity and create Attributes to add more value and utility.

Monetise Your Experiences

Launch Experiences for free, charge players a small amount of SAND to play, or require ownership of specific NFTs or collections for gated access.

Hire Creators

Pay skilled level designers, asset creators, and others to collaborate on your project, or commission specific assets.


Stake SAND

Earn passive rewards by staking your SAND into a liquidity mining pool.

Stake SAND to LAND

Earn exclusive rewards in a program for LAND owners with a separate staking pool. Premium LANDs can earn Gems to make assets more valuable.

Own & Govern

Medium of Exchange

Purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with various utilities, such as Avatars, LAND, Equipment, Entities, Catalysts, and Gems.


Participate in the governance of The Sandbox Game's platform.

Foundation Fund & Staking Pool

From all SAND transactions, a 5% transaction fee is applied. 50% of this fee is allocated to the Foundation Fund and the other 50% is allocated to the Staking Pool.
The Sandbox Foundation Fund supports the ecosystem and allows us to offer grants to incentivise artists and designers to produce high quality games and Assets. The Staking Pool contains the rewards for token holders who choose to stake.

Buy, Sell, or Swap SAND

Blockchain Fees

Fees for Blockchain Transactions

TRANSACTION FEES (GAS FEES) Every transaction on a blockchain network includes a cost to compensate those who validate the data, which makes the technology more secure. The fee varies based on the blockchain network's congestion when the transaction is "signed." Some wallets, such as MetaMask, alert you if gas fees are high.
Log in to your account at The Sandbox website and open your Blockchain Settings to activate the following benefits:
  • 10 free transactions every 28 days
  • "Wrapped" gas fee so your transactions are only in SAND (avoids the need to own the MATIC cryptocurrency to cover gas fees when making purchases with SAND)
  • Maximized EIP-712 compatibility with your hardware wallet
On rare occasions, The Sandbox may send an airdrop with no fee, such as to resolve an issue from a user's support ticket where a manual correction is the best resolution.

Convenience Fees from Exchanges

In addition, some third-party services and exchanges may charge a fee when you purchase cryptocurrency through them. This information can be found in your transaction details before you sign it. Where to buy and sell cryptocurrency is fully your choice.

Buying SAND Tokens

SAND is currently more commonly available for purchase on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be deposited to Polygon using The Sandbox Bridge.

Where Can I Buy SAND?

Some wallets, such as MetaMask, allow you to purchase SAND directly.
You can also buy SAND at any Exchange that trades the SAND token and transfer it to your wallet. Some of these include:
  • Bitmart
  • Bithumb
  • UpBot
  • MXC
  • Simplex
  • WazirX
  • LAtokens
  • TokyoCrypto
  • Poloniex
  • and more
See news about our partnered exchanges on our official Medium:

How do I purchase SAND?

Please take a look at this official guide:

Via Your Metamask Wallet

Some wallets allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies directly, which helps you save steps purchasing from an exchange and transferring to your wallet.

Can I purchase SAND using a credit card?

Yes. You can do this using the Simplex exchange.

Can I purchase SAND via The Sandbox's dashboard/website?

Yes. When logged into your account on The Sandbox, go to your profile by clicking "Me" on the left toolbar. There will then be a button there to purchase SAND. Click this to see your options. Bear in mind that you will also need Ethereum for the gas costs.

When Should I Buy SAND?

The value of any token will vary over time. When to buy it is entirely up to you. The Sandbox cannot give you any financial advice. However, you are welcome to seek advice from community members via one of our live chat communities.

Sell SAND Tokens

You can sell SAND at any exchange that trades the SAND token. You may need to set up an account with the exchange and complete a verification process, depending on your location or laws affedt You can sell SAND at a cryptocurrency exchange that trades the token, such as:
  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • ToktoCrypto
  • Bitmart
  • and more

When Should I Sell SAND?

The value of any token will vary over time. When to sell it is entirely up to you. The Sandbox cannot give you any financial advice. However, you are welcome to seek advice from community members via one of our live chat communities.

Can I swap another cryptocurrency token for SAND?

Yes, you can do this using UniSwap. Alternatively, some wallets may have a swap feature, such as MetaMask.

Do I have to pay taxes on any profits I make from SAND?

The Sandbox cannot offer you any tax advice. Taxation rules differ by country and even by local jurisdictions, states or counties within those countries.
Please seek advice from an official tax representative within your local jurisdiction.

How to Claim Your Earned Rewards

If you've earned rewards from The Sandbox, you will need to follow the steps below to claim them.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step 1: Go to the reward claiming page

Log into your account on The Sandbox. Go to your profile, then click the "Claims" tab at the top of the screen. Alternatively, the direct link is:

Step 2: Click the Claim button

If you are eligible for any rewards, you can click the green Claim button underneath it.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction

Your cryptocurrency wallet should appear, asking you to confirm the transaction, including how much in gas fees, if any, that the claim will cost. Confirm the claim in your wallet to authorise the claim transaction.
If the claim was on the Polygon network, there's a chance the transaction will be completed without a gas fee, provided you have some free transactions remaining for the month.
See your Blockchain Settings to activate the Gasless transactions option, which will indicate how many gasless transactions you have left in the current period. There you can also activate the Forward option to pay your gas fee in SAND instead of the MATIC cryptocurrency.

The Sandbox Bridge

Use The Sandbox Bridge when you'd like to move SAND or LAND between they Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. This documentation includes information about the benefits of using Polygon as well as step by step instructions to use the Bridge.
To participate in staking programs, your SAND must be on the Polygon network.