What Can I Do with LAND?

Experiences Linked to Your LANDs

To get a feel for the many things you can create in The Sandbox, visit the metaverse Map or the Events page to find something you can start playing right now.

Example Projects

Host a variety of Experience types

Merge the real world with the Metaverse

Getting Started

About Experiences

Experiences are created with Game Maker and determine the use of 3D space and interactive possibilities.

Metaverse Experiences are played in the Game Client, tracking player progression as they earn Ethos Points (EP).

LAND Size and Use

Only one Experience can be launched to a metaverse LAND at a time, where it will be possible to monetise. One or more virtual LANDs can be used to match the shape of a larger Experience.

LANDs combined into larger Estates or Districts can be used to host multiple Experiences with a flow or theme to naturally attract more players.


Combine multiple adjacent LANDs you own into an Estate to launch larger Experiences and groups of Experiences.

Combine adjacent LANDs owned by multiple people for a collaborative metaverse project.

Visit the What Can I Do With My LAND playlist on YouTube for inspiration:

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