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Who can participate in events?

Anyone who has registered an account at The Sandbox.

Do I need anything to participate in events?
  • Aside from an account at The Sandbox, you will also need to download and install the Game Client, which is available for download on The Sandbox's website by pressing the "Play" button on any event.

Where do I get the Game Client from?
  • Press the "Play" button on any currently available experience on The Sandbox website. If you do not have the Game Client installed, you'll be offered to download and install it first.

How can I check an NFT I hold is an avatar, or where can I get an avatar?
  • If your NFT is an avatar, it will show under the "My Avatars" tab on that webpage.

  • To purchase an avatar (or to see if an NFT is an avatar before buying it), click the Shop tab on that webpage. There is also a search filter and a keyword search tool in this tab.


Who can earn rewards in events? / Who is eligible to earn rewards?

Anybody who:

  • Has an account at The Sandbox, and has completed or achieved all the requirements of that particular event.

  • Has passed KYC (Know Your Customer) in their The Sandbox account settings.

    • This is an anti-fraud measure, and there are no permitted exceptions to this.

  • Is at least 18 years old.

    • This is for legal reasons. Under GDPR, it is not permitted for a company to knowingly collect and store the data of a minor under the age of eighteen.

  • Has not committed a violation of either the Terms of Use that they agreed to before they registered their account at The Sandbox, or the law. For example (but not limited to):

    • Attempting to use third-party tools to gain an unfair advantage, including bots, automation software, and trainers.

    • Attempting to utilise multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage.

    • Attempting to commit a criminal offence, such as fraud or identity theft.

  • Is not from any geographical regions which have been specifically excluded from any particular event for any particular reason.

    • This might be due to local laws and regulations in certain countries that affect certain rewards - such as Japan.

    • This might also be due to international sanctions enforced by the United Nations (UN), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), or the European Union (EU) - such as North Korea.

      • The Sandbox has no control over international or local laws, regulations, or sanctions that may affect a player's eligibility to earn rewards.

If I hold an avatar, can I win the Avatar Holder Reward Pool, non-holder pool, or both?
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, you can potentially earn rewards from both the holder pool and the non-holder pool in events. As long as you completed the event requirements and held the relevant NFT in the correct wallet on the date of the snapshot.

When will event rewards be distributed?
  • Rewards earned in events will usually be distributed a few weeks after the event has ended, to those who are eligible for them.

Why has a particular reward not been distributed yet?
  • Before any rewards are distributed, all the potentially eligible participants go through an Anti-Fraud check, to ensure they did not attempt to gain any unfair advantages, violate the Terms of Use, or break any laws.

  • Sometimes reward distributions may be delayed to a later date in some circumstances. For example, if there are a very large number of potentially eligible participants to review.

  • We understand it is frustrating having to wait for rewards to be distributed. But think of it this way - the more people we find have violated the Terms of Use and are therefore not eligible for rewards, the greater the value that your own reward will be, since the available pool isn't being wasted on those who tried to get an unfair advantage over you.

  • Sometimes, for example when rewards are designed by a partner or third-party, there might be a delay in the partner sending their rewards and list of selected winners to The Sandbox to distribute, for reasons that are their own.

Rewards for an event were distributed, but I didn't get mine yet
  • If the rewards were distributed very recently, please be a bit more patient. Some rewards have to be distributed in "waves", for example due to the differences in smart contracts or due to a very large number of eligible participants.

  • If it has been a few days after the reward was distributed, you're welcome to open a support ticket on Discord.

  • The most common reasons for players not getting rewards are:

    1. The player did not fully complete all the event requirements. For example, not collecting enough EP.

    2. The player did not fully complete all the experience requirements. For example, not completing 100% of the quests.

    3. The player was not holding any relevant NFTs, like LANDs or avatars, at the time of the snapshot, if there was a holding requirement.

    4. The player committed a violation of the Terms of Use that they agreed to before they registered at The Sandbox, whether intentionally or not. For example, attempting to use multiple accounts, attempting to commit fraud, and so on.

    5. The player resides in a geographical region where they are not eligible for certain rewards due to their local laws and regulations, or sanctions. (Or set a VPN to such a region). For example, Japan.

I got a memorabilia badge, should I get rewards too?

Not necessarily.

A memorabilia badge is a form of Proof Of Attendance Protocol (POAP), which shows you attended the event and completed at least one quest in that event.

Earning rewards in events would require you to complete multiple quests to earn enough EP by the date the event ends.

So no, getting a memorabilia badge for an event is not an indication that you fully completed the requirements to get a reward in that event, it just shows that you attended it.


What are badges?

Badges are given as a form of collectable reward for participating in events and playing certain experiences.

Badges are a form of Proof of Attendance Protocol, or "POAP" for short, that prove you participated in an event or specific experience. They are not non-fungible tokens (NFTs) nor do they have any financial value.

They are found on the Badges page of your account settings at The Sandbox.

How do I earn badges?

Certain events at The Sandbox, such as Alpha Seasons, and some specific experiences, such as some games released in the metaverse by partners, will offer badges as rewards for taking part in that event or experience.

To earn a badge, you will need to complete at least one quest in the relevant event or experience. (Some experiences or events may require you to complete more than one quest. Always read the reward descriptions to be sure).

How much are badges worth?

Badges have a financial value of 0 SAND ($0 USD).

They are not non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and they cannot be traded.

What can I do with badges? / What are the utility of Badges?
  • Badges serve as a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP). They show that you have participated in historical metaverse events and experiences at The Sandbox.

  • Some - not all - badges may also give you additional raffle tickets or entries into certain events, such as Season Pass raffles, LAND Sale raffles, and so on.

How do I claim my badges?

There is no claim process for badges. They are automatically added to your account.

Are badges proof that I am eligible for other event rewards, such as SAND?

No. Badges are not a form of evidence that you are eligible for other rewards from events, such as SAND or NFTs.

This is because to earn a badge you will usually only need to complete one single quest in that event. Whereas to earn rewards with financial value, such as SAND and NFTs, you would have had to complete a lot more than just one single quest.

I believe a badge I am eligible for is missing from my Badges page.
  • Sometimes the badges page on The Sandbox website may be updated before the badges are distributed. This may make it seem like the badge has been "missed", when actually the badges may not have actually been distributed yet.

    • Our web development team is based in Uruguay, and our distribution team is based in France, so there are significant timezone differences between them.

  • Check the Event page for the event or experience that you believe you are missing a badge.

    • Read the description and compare it to your activity in the event (ie, number of quests completed) to make sure you have met the requirements for getting the badge.

  • Enquire with The Sandbox's support team. They may be able to inform you whether the badges have been distributed yet. Visit the Help & Contact page for more information.

    • If there is a known issue with some badges, they will inform you of this too.

    • If there are no known issues with badges, they may make further enquiries.

    • Our Discord Community also has an announcement channel that contains information about known issues from the developers.

How can I transfer my badges to a new account?

This is not currently possible. Badges are not non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

If you want to use a different wallet on your account at The Sandbox, you can disconnect a wallet and connect a different one. Note, however, that you can only use a wallet on one account ever. Learn more: Change or Disconnect a Wallet.

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