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Blockchain technology redefines ownership and empowers anyone to become a game publisher with virtual LAND.


Learn the basics of the LAND token and the importance of location
Creative and built in benefits for LAND owners, especially for Premium LANDs and for owning multiple LANDs
Resources to plan and create content for your LAND
Purchasing LAND via The Sandbox Public LAND Sales or secondary purchases
Learn how groups of LANDs called Estates empower you to launch multiple related Experiences and draw in more players
Owning regular LAND comes with great benefits, and Premium LAND includes additional benefits
LAND Owners qualify for multipliers when staking SAND depending on how much LAND they hold
Instructions to deposit LAND from the Ethereum to Polygon network
Instructions to withdraw LAND from the Polygon to Ethereum network
Promote Experiences hosted on your LANDs with free tools to display them on the Map and publish an Experience Page
Instructions to personalise your LAND on the Map even if you don't have it linked to an Experience yet

What is LAND?

About LAND
Articles About LAND
About ERC-721 Tokens
ERC-721 Token
Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains
  • Digital real estate in The Sandbox metaverse used to launch and monetise Experiences, or games, to build communities, earn SAND, and reward players
  • Link your LANDs together to form a bigger parcel called an Estate or form a District with nearby LAND owners
  • Discoverable on the metaverse Map with content and creator details
  • Total LANDs: 166,464
Discover Experiences on The Metaverse Map
The Metaverse Map is the way to access virtual LANDs for sale, see who owns LAND and what content may be planned there, and (if you apply for early access) directly launch your own metaverse Experiences.
Follow The Sandbox on social media and check the website for updates about Public LAND Sales or buy LAND on a Secondary Market.


The proximity of LANDs to large partners and other key positions will play a role in the gameplay, visitor counts, economy and visibility of the games built on those LANDs.
Premium LANDs have more desirable locations and come with many additional benefits such as increased player traffic, exclusive Assets, and eligibility for valuable staking rewards.
Key Attributes of the ERC-721 token standard includes:
  • uniqueness and distinct identity
  • indivisibility, emphasising their unique nature
  • verifiable ownership history and secure transfer
  • interoperability across platforms and applications
  • metadata to enhance its context and value

Benefits of Owning LAND

Estate Owners

An Estate owner holds a larger parcel of LAND merged together. Learn more:
Increased Traffic
Estates are focal points in The Sandbox neighborhoods on the Map and will draw more players
Great Monetisation Potential
With greater traffic and less need to market, monetised Experiences within an Estate will have greater potential to earn through paid and gated access, as well as renting advertising space
Tell stories across space and time in a metagame of Experiences as levels, open a theme park with Experiences as "worlds," launch a variety of Experience types around your community or brand, and more!

Premium LAND Owners

A Premium LAND owner holds a more valuable 1x1 parcel of LAND next to an Estate. Learn more:
Catalysts Airdrop
Staking SAND on Premium LAND qualifies you to earn Catalysts, which are highly coveted tokens in The Sandbox that NFT creators use to make assets more rare and valuable
Early Access to Selected Features
The Sandbox may prioritise access to new features to owners of Premium LAND first, and has recently added a Premium Experiences filter to the play map
Attract More Users to Your Experience
Premium LANDs surround major partners or social hubs, meaning they will have higher traffic from players exploring nearby areas for great Experiences
Premium LANDs sold in LAND Sales may include exclusive NFTs. If Premium LANDs are sold on a secondary marketplace such as OpenSea, it is up to the seller's discretion to only sell the LAND or to bundle any NFTs with it as the terms of their secondary sale.

All LAND Owners

All LAND owners, including those holding regular LANDS, are able to use their LANDs creatively and participate in The Sandbox ecosystem with built-in tools.
Link an Experience to your LAND to launch it in the metaverse, with potential to monetise or gate access by NFT ownership, such as equipment or passes.
Earn Holder Rewards
LAND owners occasionally receive rewards from The Sandbox for keeping their property over specified time periods, which may include SAND, NFTs, extra tickets for a raffle, etc.
Exclusive LAND Owner Staking Benefits
LAND owners may participate in a dedicated staking program with multipliers and exclusive rewards based on how much LAND you hold.
Rent Advertisement Space
Offer space on your LAND, such as a billboard or even a quest, to third parties or other LAND owners wanting you to feature their Experiences.
Build Community
Host live events in social hubs. Engage players with competitions, such as timed trials, with prizes. Run raffles that anyone in your community can win. Host a gallery or concert with gated access (NFT ownership) when minting assets is a public feature.
Collaborate with community builders or our vetted Partners found via our directory to launch your own ideas. You can also team up with nearby LAND owners to form a District. View Collaboration Security for guidance.
Rent Your LAND
This is on our road map to empower creators who do not own LAND to publish their own games and Experiences.
LAND owners will be able to get involved in the governance of The Sandbox metaverse through a DAO (digital autonomous organisation) and shape its evolution.
Virtual Real Estate Agent
Buy and Sell virtual LANDs with interested parties based on location and LAND values, which will vary over time as neighborhoods compete to attract players with high quality Experiences.
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