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Play, Create & Earn

Learn how you can Play, Create, & Earn in The Sandbox and participate in our circular economy.

General Resources for All Users

Account, wallet & software
Play & publish Experiences
Buy & sell digital content
How to join & use Discord
Learn and win giveaways
FAQs, support & languages


Explore the Open Metaverse

​Download The Sandbox Metaverse Game Client and Get Started Participate in Seasons and Events hosted by The Sandbox Game and our Partners
Explore the open metaverse Map to discover Experiences hosted by LAND owners with early launch access


Learn how to earn SAND & NFTs while playing in The Sandbox metaverse
Follow our step-by-step guide to claim SAND and NFT rewards you've earned


Build the Metaverse

Learn to create Assets with intuitive modeling, rigging & animation software
Learn to create Experiences with no-code software using drag-and-drop logic

Creative Contests

Challenge yourself with contests that offer valuable rewards and build your creative portfolio as you deepen your skills. Agencies and studios are looking for talent!


Participate in Governance of The Sandbox metaverse
Stake your SAND to generate passive income
Launch your own ideas in the metaverse or rent your LAND to creators Own Premium LAND to Earn Catalysts used to make rare and valuable assets
Get access to gated Experiences by owning Avatars and NFT passes
Bring your favorite Equipment to various Experiences
NOTE Some features are in development and will be launched in the future for public use, but Partners with The Sandbox may have early access.