Customise Your LAND on the Map

A guide on how to change the way your LAND looks on The Sandbox map

Your LAND can be customised in order to make it uniquely yours and make it stand out to potential players and customers.

You can upload a custom thumbnail, change the LAND's description, and add an external link.

Content uploaded to LANDs must adhere to the Terms of Use at The Sandbox.

Uploading disallowed content - for example, offensive or illegal imagery - will result in enforcement actions being taken.

If you have created an Experience and wish to connect it to your LAND for more customisation options, including a free Experience Page, learn about our tools to Publish Experiences.

How to Customise Your LAND

  1. When logged into your account at The Sandbox, click your profile image/username in the top-right of the website, then choose Inventory.

  2. In your inventory, find the LAND that you wish to customise and select it. You'll be taken to the LAND's position on the map in the metaverse.

  3. On the right, just below the current thumbnail, is a pencil icon. Click this.

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