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Claim Rewards

Learn how to Play to Earn in The Sandbox and claim rewards.

How to Claim Your Earned Rewards

Some Events and Seasons in The Sandbox include opportunities to earn and win rewards, such as NFTs and SAND.
If you are have participated in Play & Earn (P&E) in The Sandbox and are eligible for rewards (for example, if you've been notified you won a raffle and have rewards to claim), you can claim your rewards when logged in to your account at The Sandbox website following the instructions below.
To claim rewards, you must have passed KYC (Know Your Customer) on your account. You can do this in your account settings. This is for security and anti-fraud reasons, and there are no exceptions to this requirement.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step 1: Go to the reward claiming page

Log into your account on The Sandbox. Go to your profile, then click the "Claims" tab at the top of the screen. Alternatively, the direct link is:

Step 2: Click the Claim button

If you are eligible for any rewards, you can click the green Claim button underneath it.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction

Your cryptocurrency wallet should appear, asking you to confirm the transaction, including how much in gas fees, if any, that the claim will cost. Confirm the claim in your wallet to authorise the claim transaction.
If the claim was on the Polygon network, there's a chance the transaction will be completed without a gas fee, provided you have some free transactions remaining for the month.
See your Blockchain Settings to activate the Gasless transactions option, which will indicate how many gasless transactions you have left in the current period. There you can also activate the Forward option to pay your gas fee in SAND instead of the MATIC cryptocurrency.

Events Rewards Distribution

In order to show transparency with the community, The Sandbox provides access to view Events Rewards Distribution information.


I get an error saying "Wallet Locked"
This means that your wallet cannot be accessed because it is locked, or in other words, logged out of. In terms of security, it is always smart to lock your wallet when it is not in use.
To unlock your wallet, simply log into it via its browser extension or official website.
Don't forget to lock it again when you've finished claiming!
I get an error saying I do not have any free / gasless transactions left
Option One: Go to your account settings and select the Blockchain Settings menu: Disable the "Gasless" transactions option, then redo the claim and pay a small gas fee in MATIC.
Option Two: Go to your account settings and select the Blockchain Settings menu: Enable the "Forward" transactions option, then redo the claim to pay the gas fee using SAND instead of MATIC.
Option Three: Wait for your free transactions to replenish. You get 10 free transactions every 28 days. The page linked above displays how many free transactions you have remaining in this period.
I get an error saying "unable to process transaction"
This generally means that you do not have enough funds in your wallet to cover the gas fee in order to claim the reward.
The gas fee is not charged by The Sandbox, but rather by the blockchain. The Sandbox has no control over the blockchain's fees or its current price.
I claimed a reward but do not yet see it
Please be patient. The time it takes for a reward to appear in your wallet depends on the overall congestion on the blockchain at the time that you claim it.
If you paid a gas fee to claim the reward, note that the speed of the transaction is also affected by the amount of gas you chose to commit to it.
After the reward enters your wallet, it may also take a few more minutes to visually appear in your inventory on The Sandbox website during periods of high traffic.
I earned some rewards but do not have a wallet connected to my account
See Wallet: Choose & Connect and KYC to set up your account to claim rewards.
I do not see a reward that I believe I am eligible for
Double-check the reward distribution date, it might not have been released yet.
Double-check that the reward was a "guarantee" as opposed to a "raffle". If it was a raffle, then only some, not all, of the eligible entrants were selected to receive the reward.
Double-check that you correctly performed all the entry requirements. For example, posting about the event on social media if the event's reward eligibility criteria said so.
Ensure that you did not violate the Terms of Use or otherwise attempt to cheat or behave in any unsportsmanlike way during the contest. The Sandbox has the right to disqualify those acting in such unfair or otherwise unacceptable ways, without notification.
Contact support to make a polite enquiry about the missing reward you believe you are eligible for.
Support says I am not eligible for the reward, why?
Support should explain the reason why you are not eligible. Ask them for clarification if you do not understand the reason why.
Common reasons for ineligibility are:
  • You did not have KYC on your account during the event.
  • You cheated or attempted to cheat during the event.
  • You violated the Terms of Use during the event (and probably got banned).
  • You did not complete all entry requirements, such as not completing the required number of quests in an event, or not posting something to social media as/if required.