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Play in the Metaverse

Getting started as a player in The Sandbox is easy.

Welcome to the Open Metaverse

There's a creative boom happening in The Sandbox community as more LAND owners are gaining access to launch Experiences on the metaverse Map using Game Maker 0.8's newest Experience design features.
Enhancements in light, weather, camera, controls, collaboration, and synced multiplayer gameplay have led to outstanding new depth and gameplay possibilities, and there's more to come!
Game Maker is The Sandbox Game's Experience creation tool

Ready to Play?

Jump right in on the Map or Events page, or explore our helpful resources to get started. If you just need download instructions, visit
Game Client: Download & Begin.

Experience Instances

Multiple instances of an Experience may be open at the same time. Join friends using instance IDs.
Use chat in-game to find which instance ID you’re in. Just type:
To join a friend’s instance, use the instance ID in the in-game chat. Just type:
/join [ID_Instance]

Check If You've Earned Rewards and Claim Them

Visit Claim Rewards for instructions to:
  • Check if you have earned Rewards through Play&Earn, contests, and more
  • Claim Rewards so they can be added to your wallet