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Welcome to the Open Metaverse

The Sandbox is constantly developing features so creators can build and publish new types of Experiences for you to enjoy.


Experiences are playable content, such as games, with unique gameplay that is custom built by creators. This makes every Experience unique! You can play in social hubs, art galleries, solo adventures, multiplayer challenges, and more.

Quests & Ethos Points

Most Experiences include Quests for each player to complete. Your progression through these objectives will help you reach victory, and may even allow you to earn Ethos Points (EP).

During limited-time Seasons and Events for players, Ethos Points are usually a part of the requirements to earn rewards, such as SAND, NFTs, etc.

An example of an Event page is shown here:

A list of Experiences to play appears at the bottom of an Event page with the number of Ethos Points you can earn from each one.

Experiences in an Event may be free to enter or require that you own certain NFTs to play.

Progress & Rewards

The time period for the Event, your progress, and available rewards are clearly shown on the Event page. On this page, you can also see if any of the included Experiences require owning an NFT to play.

Some rewards are for LAND owners, some for NFT owners (including Avatars, equipment, passes, etc), and some are available for all players (meaning there is no cost to participate).

Seasons & Events

Find Events

Player Events can be found at https://www.sandbox.game/en/events/.

These may include one or more Experiences. There are filters for viewing events only for players, creators of voxel art and games, and for The Sandbox's official Game Jams.

Events Map

The Events Map tab shows all of the Experiences available on the map, which includes any Events that are currently active.


Some Experiences are one square in size, while others are 2, 3, or 4 squares in size. Each square is a plot of virtual LAND used to launch Experiences on the map for players.


Seasons are much larger, with a variety of Experiences to play over a longer time period to earn a large number of Experience Points. Some content may be free, and some may require owning NFTs to play.

Seasons offer high quality Experiences with famous brands and IPs to showcase the newest features developed in The Sandbox. Since they are much larger than Events, they happen less frequently.

For more details about Seasons and Events, including past Season details, visit:

πŸ—“οΈpageSeasons and Events

Claiming Rewards

Once Seasons and Events are closed, rewards can be distributed among participants who qualify.

Some rewards may be limited to the earliest players who complete the requirements, while some reward pools may be split evenly between all players who participated. Sometimes a raffle determines who will receive rewards. This information is all detailed on the Event's page or the Season page.

To check if you've earned rewards, see:

πŸͺ™pageClaim Rewards

In order to claim rewards from any contest, Event, Season, etc., you must have a cryptocurrency wallet connected to your account at The Sandbox to receive them and complete the KYC process. Use our step-by-step guides:

Ready to Play?

Jump right in on the Map or Events page, or explore our helpful resources to get started. If you just need download instructions, visit ⬇️ Game Client: Download & Begin.

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